From the looks of it the Financial Freedom System scam is currently up with the sole purpose of gathering emails and personal information that is to be sold in major email lists for various similar programs that will eventually spam your email. Currently there is no software actually attached to this scam, but I still highly recommend you avoid providing your personal information if you want to keep your email clean of spam. With that said, sooner or later it will certainly change and a software will be connected with a broker on the other end, at that point, I still do not recommend you trust this website and I will tell you why.

Product Name: Financial Freedom System

Niche: Binary Options Software


They really haven’t put in too much effort to make this marketing website, that’s for sure. At least when compared to the ones that have obviously put in a lot of work and finances into the promo video. Still, it’s rather convincing, which is more than enough to grab plenty of people to sign up.

What is the Financial Freedom System Scam?

This is a typical binary options software scam, only you will not find any information on this anywhere in the video or the website. There are definitely hits towards it, and if you have seen similar websites and videos you catch on rather quickly, but if you have never experimented with binary options you will still be scratching your head as to how exactly you will make the claimed profits long after you’ve watched the second video and provided your personal information.


Currently, the goal with this website is to get you to provide your email address, and if they keep you on long enough to get your name and phone number as well. Soon enough though, the website will be connected to a scam software and a shady broker. You will never make the profits they claim, but you will sign up with the broker and make an investment you will never see again.

Watch the First Video


Well, obviously, there is no way to prove who is talking, let alone actually confirm who William Griffin is. One thing I am sure of though, is he does not exist.


He claims that you can make at least $2,000 a day, which is a near impossible feat with a mere $250 investment and a software like this. Even with numerous trades per day, there is no way that the win rate would be high enough to actually reach this kind of profit without making absurd, and highly risky investments per trade. Even then, the chances are slim.


Here I would like to note that this calculation, $14K per week at $2K a day means that you are trading 7 days a week. If you are new to binary options it’s important to note here that although you can trade at any given hour during the week, the weekends are off limits. The markets are closed over the weekend and thus, it’s impossible to make the claimed profits. Either they have no idea what binary options are either or they are obviously trying to fool you into signing up for something that doesn’t exist.


Not only does the math not add up to this profit, but Mr. Griffin obviously says $56K, not $65. Bad script reading!


This is a Paypal screenshot. Who keeps that kind of money in their PayPal account? Not to mention that withdrawals from brokers are far from easy, making daily withdrawals near impossible.


So, this is what the software is supposed to look like. Considering this guy’s history with this software, as he claims, I am surprised to see that there is zero trading history listed. I could understand if he was showing a demo, but he does nothing but move the mouse around a bit and that’s it.


No one will ever pay that kind of money for a software that doesn’t even exist yet.


Actually, you cannot. If by chance a software does pop up here and it is connected to a broker, you cannot withdraw your money. There are certain terms as per most brokers that prevent you from withdrawing your investment without trading. Very rarely are you able to actually get your money back.


Interesting, he wants you to respect his privacy? Could it be because he doesn’t exist?


Yet, they still used a copyright free stock photo.


It wasn’t long ago when they actually did have a face for Mr. Griffin, but the reviews tore that apart quickly and they got rid of it.


Of course, it was also a stock photo.


Then there are the claimed happy users combined with fake profits and testimonials.


He wants his privacy respected yet he steals other people’s images and uses them. Great! Take a look.


Here is another one.


One more stolen photo.


Stolen photo.


Hope she gets a hold of this and puts her legal knowledge to use!

Financial Freedom System Scam Second Step

It doesn’t get much better as you move onto the next step.


Take a look at the Second Video


Interesting that the “demo” that he showed is quite different from the software you are looking at here.


You never know though, perhaps they are still shopping around.


Ok, this I loved. So, here come the numerous screenshots from a number of odd accounts.


First off, this is PayPal! Who keeps over a million dollars in their PayPal account!? Not to mention that he claims that this is from his first withdrawal. Obviously the screenshot is of the latest transactions, from the looks of it, back in 2012. Here he has over $12 million in his account!? No one else finds this odd?


Notice how strange it is that the screenshots are on the same day just minutes apart?


Editing a profile like this is rather simple if you know how to work around a few codes in the background. This way you avoid Photoshop and make it far more realistic. These are nothing more than a number of accounts that have been tampered with in the code. The profits are not real.


Then there are the users and Facebook posts. These are the same people I have proven to be stolen images above. Still, I searched for them in Facebook and trust me, they don’t exist, at least not with these names.


Finally, a quick look at the IP further proves that these guys are just liars. You can confirm this HERE.


On this same IP you will find 11 other scams in various languages luring people to provide their contact information, and some even asking for money and connecting them to brokers. The mere connection to other scams is enough if you ask me.

However you look at it, this website is an obvious scam. Don’t provide your information or fall for the Financial Freedom System scam!

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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