Now, as of today, the United States has elected their new President, yet the Electoral profits online scam still persists. See, since they released this scam in September, they have gained momentum and attracted a lot of people with the hype around the elections. Only, this scam has absolutely nothing to do with the elections, it’s just using the current events in the US as a means to make money and try to scam as many people as possible.

Name of Software: Electoral Profits

Niche: Binary Options Software Scam


See, even after the elections, this scam is still up, regardless of the claims of upwards of $120K in profits. Perhaps they are just trying to milk it for all it’s got, but in reality, plenty of people are making profits from this scam except for the traders.


What is the Electoral Profits Scam?

This is a binary options scam software that is claimed to make trades automatically for you. They don’t necessarily explain how this is done, but claim that by the date of the elections, 8th of November, you will win upwards of $120K. Considering that this software was released in the beginning of September of 2016, I simply do not see how that is even physically possible with an automated software such as this. In fact, checking now, no one has made a penny with this software since the day of its release, why fall for it now?

Watch the First Video.

You cannot pause or control the video on the website. It is long and annoying. The video repeats the same things over and over again, but in the 15 minutes that it wastes, it provides zero real proof of possible profits and zero proof that this software has any chance of actually being profitable.


It begins with three Fiverr actors. Some new faces.


Some Fiverr actors that we’ve seen before.


Like Masterscoach.


And some that we know but have disappeared off of Fiverr and can no longer be found. More or less, so far, zero proof.


Though he may not ask for your credit card to pay for the software, he does have the audacity to ask for your credit card before revealing the broker you will be assigned on an unsecure and unsafe website.


See, he doesn’t reveal the kind of bonus you will get, but that is not important as no one will get that far with this software.


There is a LOT of hype, a LOT of phony graphics, and ALL of the claims are fake and feature unrealistic earnings.


The software is not only dysfunctional, it is set to lose!


Also, if anyone tells you that there is no risk in binary options, they obviously have no idea what binary options are.


The mere fact that he claims that you will get an income 24/7 is enough proof that the people promoting this scam software have no idea what binary options are.


A profit of $6,500 a day is impossible with a $250 investment using a binary options automated software, period.


The images accompanying the screenshots are all stock photos and stolen images. The screenshots, as you will see, are nothing more than Photoshop fabrications.


Interesting how the name, account number, and date have changed between the two screenshots, yet the rest of the screenshot is 100% identical. Down to the chart, the scrolling stock updates, and the current rate of EUR/USD. Anyone else find that odd?


Then, there is the mind-blowing demo, if that’s what you can call it. It is basically showing the EXACT SAME screenshot as the ones above but again, a different account number, balance, and changed dates.


As the balance increases, the rest of the screenshot stays the same. No changes, the market updates don’t scroll, and the chart is identical.


And continues to stay the same until the account reaches nearly $30K. If this software really was profitable, at this point, they would have been able to at least show one tiny bit of proof.


Now, onto the $10K bonus. Now, the max that most people get with a $250 investment with most brokers is they double your investment. Even if he offers you $20K, do not accept it. The bonus is not on him, but rather a broker scheme to prevent you from withdrawing your funds even if you miraculously make some profit. Always read the bonus terms before you consider accepting any bonuses.

Watch the Second Electoral Profits Scam Video.


See, the brokers that usually accept referrals from scam websites like this, and pay out to scam websites like this (as this is the sole goal for their existence), are usually not exactly trustworthy brokers. Chances are, once you invest your money, count it lost. You cannot change your mind and withdraw, you cannot withdraw if by chance (very very slim if not impossible) you make a profit, and trust me, no one will be able to back you.


Each of these are stolen images.


Here are the real estate agents.


The second guy has had his image plastered in 20 plus page results in a Google search where the image could have easily been stolen.


This is a rather popular stock photo that has been used numerous times in other scams.


Yet, another stock photo that I couldn’t find the source, but I think it’s pretty clear that its widely used and also has numerous page results in Google.


I wanted to share the claimed win rate as it is not mentioned in the video. In the website they claim the impossible 99% win rate for this software. Also, they never give a clear claim of the kinds of profits you may make. Here they share that on average users of Electoral Profits App scam make $10k a day, a surely impossible profit claim. Of course, they claim that if you don’t follow instructions exactly you could make zero dollars. There are no instructions, simply click Autotrade and its supposed to do the work for you, but giving themselves a loophole to weasel out of it is a good idea.


Of course, after promises that you will not be asked for your credit card, once you fill in your contact information on step 2 you are asked exactly for that. Only, you are asked to provide your information in a website that is not safe and secure, risking not only your $250 but the full contents of your bank account.


Surprise, the software is nothing new.

Watch the Third Electoral  Profits App Scam Video


Once you have invested your money with these brokers, you cannot withdraw it. The goal is for you to at least meet a certain trade limit before you can make any withdrawals at all. Usually, you lose your money before you reach said required trades.


The software is the typical used and reused software that you will find in many of the other scams I have reviewed in the past. The software is useless, it is set to lose or at least make random trades, there are no algorithms, no signals, and no special means to get you winning trades. Chances of a winning trade are minimal if they exist at all.


The last important point I want to make is the IP on which the domain is registered.


At a quick glance you realize that this isn’t an original or a profitable idea, at least not for the traders. This IP currently has at least 10 other scams on it and has hosted a number of other scams in the past. There are also 4 scam websites on this IP that are currently not working.


Take a look at a list of the live websites currently on this IP HERE. If there were 30 websites with 2 scam websites on this IP one could say it’s a shared IP and nothing more than a coincidence. But when you have 12 websites on an IP and 10 of them are scams, I think it’s clear enough that these guys are busy creating scam after scam. Not to mention, all quite effective scams that have tricked a lot of people.

You can either take the information on the Electoral Profits App scam software and heed my warning, or not, my goal is to share my information in hopes to save anyone who would listen a bit of money. Check the facts and the information yourself and decide.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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