Connected directly to Top Binary Signals, the scam broker Eclipse Finance is been proven time and again to lure people into investing absurd amounts of money and never actually paying anything out. I have read pages upon pages of complaints and reviews on these guys and have yet to find anyone that has been able to withdraw their investment and profits. Some were given a very small percent, but that is it. When they are near reaching their trade volume limit due to the bonus they have received, somehow their account has been wiped clean and they lose it all.

Broker Name: Eclipse Finance

Niche: Broker

Official Website:

Verdict: SCAM

Searching online and throughout their website you start to notice certain problems. Though they have done a lot to seem transparent, they certainly have not gone all the way. Regardless how deep you search you will not find a real name connected to this company. No real CEO, no real representative. All of the names are fictional, especially those of the individuals that people have communicated with.

Who are Eclipse Finance?

That’s a good question. At first glance it all seems quite legitimate, really. I mean, they website seems good, they have plenty of what seems to be quality information, and have provided a bunch of contact information even. The question is what they do not offer on the table. Though they overload you with excess useless information, you really do not see who is behind this scam, you don’t see a real address, and the provided information is simply a paravan for those that simply do not have an eye for a good scam.

The contact information is where I choose to begin. At first glance it seems they provide more than enough contact information right? A whole bunch of emails (which are most likely checked by the same person, they are just created so they seem bigger than they really are), a whole lot of phone numbers (easily done, they all ring in the same place), and two addresses.

I was pleasantly surprised that they did not cover up their information in Whois which revealed the company information and exact address. Though this does not necessarily guarantee that this information is correct, it does give us a start.


So, the organization behind this broker is Aronex Holdings LTD which is supposedly registered in Beachmont. This company is actually registered in the UK as an “officer” of another company called Herrold Capital LLP, quite far from Kingston if you ask me.


Herrold Capital LLP is registered in the UK.


Confirm this information HERE.

This registration took place in 2014 and the address is in London. I did a quick search on the address and from the looks of it it’s a ghost address that is rented out to companies that do not have a physical office but want to look as if they do.


This here is the location on Google Maps.


Now, HERE I found a list of companies that are registered under this address. There are a total of 254, of course, let’s say about half are no longer active but have not been removed from the list, that leaves us with about 125. Considering the building that we are looking at and the number of companies registered I think it’s pretty clear that someone is offering a ghost address located there. I couldn’t find their website, but for there to be so many companies registered at one single address I think it’s pretty obvious. What type of companies are attracted to such ghost addresses? Though there are some legitimate companies that seek out such addresses as perhaps they are too small to actually invest in an official office with a good address, the majority are scam companies such as this broker. Interesting that there are quite a few investment companies and brokers that are registered under this address as well. Seems like a popular office. Just to point out, the map and the image on the map that they have provided in the contact page of the website have nothing to do with the real location of the property where they claim the office is located. The image is obviously either stolen or fabricated in Photoshop.

Honestly, I have not tried to call any of the phone numbers but I am certain that they are all active and work, the question is whether anyone will answer them when you start inquiring about your withdrawal.

Their awards are no better than the rest. None of these awards can be confirmed ANYWHERE. They just made up a bunch of awards and slapped them on there. The images of the badges do not match the dates and the text, not to mention that the text claims that they have won awards as early as2013, yet they weren’t even a registered company until 2014, not to mention that they weren’t even online. This is not a registered broker and it simply doesn’t make sense that they should even be considered for awards.

The press is no different. You click on any of the links that should take you to the source of their claims and you are taken to the exact same website over and over again,, a local Chicago news website. May I note that they do not mention this scam broker anywhere in their news articles.

What Others are saying about the Eclipse Finance Scam Broker?

Well, I have read plenty about them and you can as well in the Forex Pease Army forum where plenty of people have shared their experience with this broker. A representative even tried to argue their side in the beginning but quickly lost ground when more and more people were coming up with their personal proof that they are a scam broker. The more you read the more you realize that they are a scam along with the software they are associated with, Top Binary Signals. Though they may seem transparent, the Eclipse Finance broker has proven time and again through lack of real address, deceiving information, and numerous complaints that they are in fact a scam broker.

Anna Georgieva

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