The Easy Daily Profits scam is by far one of the laziest scams I have seen in quite some time. Not only did they invest very little in making the website and promo video, but they have definitely overlooked some of the most important points to covering your tracks. They are either really behind on how to make a proper scam website or they are simply far too lazy to even try considering that regardless how much they try to cover their tracks, there is always someone like me to reveal their lies.

Name of Software: Easy Daily Profits Scam

Niche: Binary Options Software Scam

Official Website:

From the looks of it, these guys want to lure people in by magic alone, because they provide zero proof, plenty of lies, fake testimonials, the works. There is absolutely nothing legitimate or honest anywhere in the whole website. Still, for those in doubt, I have put together a bit of proof to ensure that there are no complaints about me writing yet another negative review on another crap software other review sites are trying to promote.

What is the Easy Daily Profits Scam?

An automated binary options robot scam, nothing more. Just like all the rest, only with much less effort. In fact, I am not sure if such a software even exists. I believe at this point they may be just building a mailing list as I was unable to reach the software regardless what country I was signing up from. Still, keep your eyes peeled as I am sure it’s in the works and sooner or later people will be throwing their hard earned money at them.


All in all, the typical points stand. The video that cannot be controlled, the fake testimonials, fake Facebook comments, and of course, the fake spokesperson/founder.

Watch the first video in full with controls.


You will not see an exact number anywhere in the video. At one point he discusses it briefly but throughout the video you will get general comments such as the year’s salary in a month or the thousands of dollar lies.


Actually, this is exactly what this fake software tool is and this fake promo video does just that.


So, who is Dean Sesthorpe? Well, he is definitely not who he says he is. I tried to find some sort of social media profile or trace of him online but came up with nothing. This is a made up name that is linked to a made up company and software that do not work.


Then we get some insight into his bank accounts.


You will notice that he logs into an account online. You see him do it. The results though, are a trick.


Instead of continuing with the live log-in, you are sent straight to screenshot that has been altered to suit his needs.


He then says he will show you his savings account. Now, though there is some effort put into changing everything, they overlooked something important. As this is a different account it should have a different account number. Though blurred out, you can make out the numbers and clearly see that there is no difference between the account numbers in the two screenshots. So, bank account balances debunked.

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Then we have ourselves some Fiverr testimonials which are also fake. He could have at least put on a clean shirt for the video.


This is hotwebideas user from Fiverr.


Here is another Fiverr actor.


She was under a different name a while back, but it seems it was getting too well known and canceled her account and created a new one under the name of filiyanndiomond.


She was also in the TSI System Scam that I reviewed a while back.


Here is another Fiverr actor.


This guy seems to be on vacation, but surely if you have gone through several similar scams you must have seen jpreay before.


So, this is more or less, not counting the absurd claims from the proven to be fake testimonials, that there is a mention of more or less how much you’ll be making daily, approximately $1000. Though not far-fetched, without proof it means nothing.


You then get something like a demo. Though not quite. The trading amount is set to $10.


About two hours later you are taken back to see the results. There is a $192.85 profit. Knowing the way binary options work and in general, how many trade signals and trades are done per day, for these last 2 hours in order to make that profit it means that the software needs to have made over 20 trades approximately at $10 a trade. This is not only highly unlikely, but he shows zero proof of the actual trades and how many trades were made in general. All in all, the Easy Daily Profits scam demo proves zilch.


Then he goes onto claim that this crap software will be selling for at least $15K, yes, that’s right, once those 100 spots are reserved. Seriously, nobody should be falling for this.


Once the video is over and we look further down we are introduced to Dean Westhrope. Only wait, he claims to be the founder, yet in the video he says that he was introduced to it himself. Still, I think who he is makes for a better story.


The guy in the picture next to his name is nothing more than a stock photo that has been widely used online.


Then there are the thousands that have seen the results like Lucas Jackson and James Thompson.


Both stock photos and widely used images online that can easily be stolen from any other website.


You can purchase this stock photo at a pretty steep price.


The next portion of the website is easy to prove. The Facebook comments are easily debunked with a quick search on Facebook and confirmation that no such comments exist anywhere. The media coverage is the same. Search any of the above major financial websites and you will see that there is no mention of the Easy Daily Profits scam anywhere.

Watch the second video with controls. You will not find anything useful in there, just repeating over and over again how rich you’ll be and how to sign up.


The interactive map that changes images every couple of seconds with fake users is just another stock photo filled lie.


I won’t go through all of them, but the first three that popped up on my screen. Here is the first stock photo.


Here is another stock photo user.


Finally the last stock photo user, but there are plenty more.

So, to recap, the Easy Daily Profits scam software consists of a fake founder, is a non-existent software the claims to make millions, uses Fiverr actors for testimonials, steals images from online and stock photos for testimonials, lies about being featured in media or commented on Facebook, and provides zero confirmable proof with its fake screenshots and useless demo.

If you feel like I have been unfair in my review, please share your thoughts and where exactly was I not on point with the proof I have given about the lies they are trying to push. If they can’t be honest in their promo video, what makes you think they’ll be honest once you give them your $250? So, with that sad, yes, in my book the Easy Daily Profits software IS a scam.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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