The number complaints about Drexel Code over the last week have been astounding and I really have to jump in here and do a quick review on them. There are far too many people getting scammed by these guys in just a week, the longer it stays up, the more people will be robbed of their money. This is what we would call a first class scam. They have actually invested quite a bit in making this scam in order to make it look legitimate and are definitely reeling in the money for it. Certainly, at this point they have definitely got their investment back. It’s painful to see innocent people getting lured into these money robbing scams.

Product Name: Drexel Code

Founder & Chairman: Cory Drexel

Official Website:

Broker: Titan Trade

Potential Profit: over $340 monthly – and over $15,000 daily

Minimum Deposit: $250

What is the Drexel Code

These guys are good, for sure. They have rented an expensive car, rented an office, even created signs, sweaters, mugs, and huge checks to give out. They have gone all the way when it comes to tricking people to sign up and the results are definitely coming to light now. So many people have been scammed by them in just one week that my mailbox has overflown with complains and requests I do a review so others don’t get tricked.


This is a binary options software that is claimed to be amazing. This guy claims that it has not had a loss in 3 years and definitively pulls all the tricks trying to prove it. Imagine all of the scam websites, with all of their tricks, all put into one perfectly set up website that can trick the average person into actually investing.

I have spent some time going through this website, watching every part of the video, and doing in depth research to see who these guys are, to point out all of the reasons that these guys are nothing more than liars, and hopefully to save at least a couple of you unnecessary losses.

The Drexel Code Video

So, starting with the vide. The full nearly 24 minutes of it. The fact that you cannot control it, see how much is left of it, or fast forward/rewind at any point is incredibly frustrating. Found a way around that and watched every part very closely and will disprove all of their claims here.


Claims that there hasn’t been a loss in the last 3 years is needless to say…impossible. If this was the case stock news would be booming! People would be flocking to their website and such a marketing page would not even be needed. This is an impossible feat, ever. Though some have achieved win rates of about 65-70% guaranteed, a 100% win rate is unachievable due to the constant fluctuations of the stock markets.

The CEO of Drexel Code Incorporate is an actor, as are all the others in the video. They are smart and obviously have more to spend than other scams because they have done a whole production for this video, not just some Fiverr actor that the others use.


Unfortunately, for them, they cannot simply create an individual with a real history. A quick search reveals that not only is Drexel Code Incorporate not registered anywhere in the US (the license plate of the vehicle reveals that this car was either purchased or rented from M Car Company in Portland, Oregon…even found the vehicle for sale here) but this guy simply does not exist. Considering his success you would think he was somewhere out there right?

He goes on to tell you how they’ve made 50 million dollars from this software in the last year alone and strives to provide you with proof.


He scrolls through trades from 2016 all with very high profits, meaning the initial investment was high. Unfortunately, this type of information is so easily faked that it’s pointless to even focus on it. I just wanted to underline the start date of  March 3rd, 2016 as the dates will become important soon.


Do not be fooled by the 50 beta tester spots available. These guys are pushing for as many people as possible. Just counting the number of people that have been scammed by this over the last week they are well about 100 already and their software should have been taken down if they are taking in only 50.

The Testimonials for Drexel Code

Within the video are several testimonials. I just want to note several things here. Although I couldn’t find them anywhere in Fiverr I am still 100% sure that these are nothing more than second rate local actors. The accounts that they show are fake, and obviously, so are the giant checks.


Kari claims to have made over $40K in the first week where they show a screenshot of her account from February of 2016. Not only was the software not even up at that time, but she is using Banc De Binary broker when in fact the “preferred” broker by this scam is Titan Trade. They do not allow you to select your own broker.


He then hands a giant check for her February profits of nearly $200K. Right.

Its similar with the rest of the testimonials. Sharon has made nearly $60K with a screenshot from what should be February as well. Only, the broker has magically changed AGAIN!


She also has a giant check for her profits in the month of February for about $340K! I mean seriously!? They could have easily made this look a lot more believable if they did some research about how this is IMPOSSIBLE with a $250 deposit for one month.


Obviously, all actors, everything is all fake, and these profits are just outlandish and impossible.  Do not be fooled by this an think you will be receiving a big check like this.

The Drexel Code “Proof”

Of course, we are given insight into the software by Mr. Drexel. He wants to show us how THIS really is it and how this video was uploaded today and how he will make profits TODAY. With the right widget and code everything is possible as you will now see.

He starts off his demo by “proving” that the video is made that same day. He continues to talk, but this is the only part of the video that there are no subtitles and he does not mention the actual date, just shows it. This is very carefully done as at this point an image pops up of the current date.


Even goes as far as showing you some further proof with news articles.


Of course, I saw right through this and decided to wait a day before uploading the review to see how things would be 24 hours later. Look at that, they upload a brand new video every day!? Highly doubt it. The date has changed and so have the articles. These guys are good. I have seen this done only once before in a another scam website.


Now, to the demo. He claims to create a new account, make a deposit and show you how the software works. He is signed up under his name in account number 10750897. There is a balance of zero. Also, if this demo is done the same day why is the preferred broker Porter Finance and not TitanTrade??


He then goes into the software to show you how it works and how amazing it is. Take a very good look at the software.


You then get a glance at what happens 5 hours later with just a $250 investment. Again, pay attention to the software. Not to mention the fact that there is no date anywhere in there, obviously.


The reason I wanted you to keep an eye on the software is because further down in my review I will give you a snapshot of the real software. Basically, this demo is using a different software with a different broker. It’s nothing to do with Drexel Code.

Then he wants to show you his transactions and history. He is still logged into the same name, same account number and the profits are the $10,512 that he supposedly made in the past 5 hours.


With one simple click at My Account magically changes his balance from $10K to over $300K! Same account in a matter of seconds. How could this be possible!? Of course it’s possible because it’s all fake, it’s all Photoshop, and all snapshots of made up accounts.


Not to mention that he makes transfers every week, yet his last transfer is on the 7th of March. I thought this video is made on the 30th (or was it 31st of March), missing a withdrawal or three here.

The whole demo and “proof” is completely bogus. This goes to show for the bogus  snapshots of big balances in various broker pages. Considering they have only one preferred broker I don’t understand how it’s possible to have so many different broker snapshots. Either they change brokers every day or something is fishy.


And another.


I won’t post all of them, many repeat with changed profits which is an easy feat with Photoshop and different dates.

The Video Continues

So, of course, he wants something in return in order to make it look more legitimate. Just a few reports in hopes of getting feedback from you.


These statements and transactions he claims will be verified by an independent auditing firm, probably the same one that has done this with the previous beta testers right? Wonder why he doesn’t provide real information and the name of the firm.


The push for time is always there. With timers at the top, with reminder that you are lucky to have landed on this page, and how many others are waiting to fill your spot. At the time of my review there were 21 spots available.


Step Two of the Drexel Code Scam

The continued push for time is there. The timer at the top ends just  less than 2 minutes after the video is over and you are pushed to sign up so you don’t miss this opportunity.


This video quickly repeats several already made fake points and focuses mainly on pushing you to sign up without giving you the opportunity to do proper research.


You will NOT be kicked out of the website when the clock reaches zero, actually… will never be kicked out because they are desperate for every single trader scammed into this as they get a nice cut from their investment.


Various Widgets in the Drexel Code Website

Here you are provided with some additional information about this scam. The live updating verified accounts is a nice touch. A quick look into the code of this widget shows that this is pre-entered information which is set to change the date and time to current and swap up different information each time you click on an individual.


Only, the names are made up, the profits are made up, and the images stolen and recycled. Each of the individual images has been used numerous times not only in scams like these but in numerous other websites.


Like I said, a great touch and definitely very convincing. The profits are strange and I regret that I didn’t get a chance to attempt this over the weekend (may do an update) to further prove that this is virtually impossible.


Last and Final Step in Drexel Code

If you made it this far you are ready to activate the software. Again, I do not recommend you actually get past the first stage, but if you are curious this is what you’ll see.


It’s another quick video explaining the investment mainly.


Notice how he notes, broker, not brokers, making his previous “proofs” with various broker snapshots completely irrelevant. So, he’s made a special arrangement with the broker right?



You will get stuck with an added match bonus to your deposit, automatically. This basically means that once you make your investment when you put in $250 you’ll have $500 to trade. What they don’t tell you is that you will not be able to withdraw your money. This is because when you accept a broker bonus it means you must do a certain number of trades before you can do any withdrawals. It’s basically forcefully tying you to the software and the broker.


I think that of all the lies and all the bull in this website the most appalling thing this guy does is tell you that if you do not have the money to invest then you should borrow! I mean seriously!? At this point I direct your attention their Disclaimer where it clearly states “The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose.” I highly recommend you read it in full as it is the only page in the entire website that offers any real and useful information.

His last offer? He will guarantee your first 5 trades.


Coming from a man that has done nothing more than lied throughout all of his videos it is hard to believe.


Hard to believe because not only is it not mentioned anywhere in the terms and conditions that you will get your money back if you have any losing trades in the first 5, but because of the numerous people already scammed by this software confirming that there is no such thing.

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Lastly! The software

You know how I told you to pay close attention to the software? Well, the software that you end up using is NOTHING like what he has done a demo with.


This software is actually the most popular among scam websites. It has been used in scams such as the Golden Paradigm, Profit Insider Pro, Binary Brain Trust, Triana Soft, Trade X Confidential, and many more.


36-drexel-code-scam-software-in-many-scams 37-drexel-code-scam-software-in-many-scams2 38-drexel-code-scam-software-in-many-scams3


They have done a great job of covering their tracks. You cannot get much on them at all as far as contact, office location, or who they are. The video was filmed in Portland, Oregon, but it could have easily been commissioned from another location. Regardless, there is a lot of money put into it in order to make it seem more realistic which is exactly why it has become the most dangerous binary scam out there right now.

Stay away from Drexel Code and if you have been scammed by them please share your information in the comments section or send me screenshots and further proof.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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