A new scam by Mike Freeman has been released, Crunch Tech Software. I have received numerous comments regarding this scam and how trustworthy it is. I will say straight off the bat that this is nothing more than another scam made to mimic NEO2 by Mike Freeman developed to avert attention from himself. His initial idea of revealing and promoting NEO2 did not work out because it only attracted unwanted attention to himself and destroyed what he has worked for over the last couple of years. He has made a name for himself, how, I do not know, as some kind of binary options guru, and through NEO2 he put himself in the spotlight as the ultimate scam artist. Once he was linked to his numerous review websites, the most popular being the Binary Options Watchdog, his name as a guru was destroyed because people finally linked him to the numerous scams he is associated with. Now, he is trying to pull off this Crunch Tech crap that will most likely get a lot of people sucked in because they cannot see the truth that it is just another one of his means of profit from your pocket.

I have read NUMEROUS positive reviews on this software and obviously they have put in a LOT of money into it. Actually, this is most likely your money if you have been scammed by a binary options software before because Mike Freeman is behind many of them. Unlike some of the other scams out there, he has made a lot of money lying to people and in turn puts in a lot more money into creating new scams. In fact, it is pretty obvious that he is hiring a much better camera crew as the videos are much better quality than most and he doesn’t use Fiverr actors. Unlike the cheaper scams, he actually uses local actors from and around LA, California rather than the cheap Portland actors and production companies. Considering that he claims that he is from California, or lives in California, it’s pretty logical that he’d go local while the other scams are developed by foreigners.

What is Crunch Tech?

Well, I think that is pretty obvious. Just like NEO2, this software “uses” weather to predict trades and give you signals. They make absurd claims as to how they get their signals and the possible profits. The video itself though is absolutely identical to the NEO2 video, with some very important changes.


The differences? Well, obviously Mike Freeman reads my blog, which of course, to an extent is rather endearing, because he has definitely made a point to avoid the key problems that I had pointed out with the NEO2 promo site. Only problem is there is still plenty more to polish up in order to make himself invisible and pull this off.

This software is based entirely on the NEO2 scheme. The whole idea behind it is the same as the NEO2 scam, only he has hired different actors and changed the website a bit, and the approach of the video is different. The rest? ALL THE SAME AS NEO2!

As I said, I read numerous reviews on this scam. About 90% of them were positive, as a lot of money is being put into it, but unfortunately, the negative reviews simply do not pull it off. They do not find the connection and do not put in the effort to really reveal it. In turn, absolutely nothing can be proven. I will now prove to you how the Crunch Tech Scam is identical to NEO2 and why both are run by the same scam artist, Mike Freeman.

I am going to go about this a bit differently than most of my other reviews. It’s pointless to show you the video scene by scene as I usually do, but will rather give you direct proof. The video is obviously a complete joke, a show called “How I Became a Millionaire” does not exist and all of it is complete bull because none of the people participating in the video are real, they are all actors. I am not going to go through all of the talent agencies in LA to prove this because by the time I find the actors you will most likely have already fallen for the scam. I will give you something better.

First, I want to begin with the videos in the website. I want to underline the fact that once Mr. Freeman reads this the videos most likely will be made private and this information will no longer be confirmable. With that said, what I am going to do is give you some visual proof.


Notice the highlighted in yellow “user”? This here is the link to the user that has uploaded the video to the official Crunch Tech SCAM website. User #51372591.


Here is that same link to the user website that has uploaded these videos. Drones TV is the name of the profile. If this name is familiar, it’s because it’s the EXACT SAME profile used to upload the videos in NEO2! You can even see the videos still up in the profile.


You can visit the profile HERE and hopefully you will be able to confirm this before they make all of these videos private and impossible to link to the user.

This is ONE thing. Of course, aside from the fact that not only are the video quality and overall script more or less the same, but if you pay very close attention, you will actually notice that both videos are filmed in the exact same office as well! No, they don’t use the same individual offices, but certainly in the same office in general and certainly the same building.


Ok, I know I may sound absurd, but notice the glass office? The dots on it and the exact height of the dots on the glass? Well, I had spent nearly 2 hours looking for this office online when I was reviewing the NEO2 scam because I wanted to reveal to you the exact location and the fact that its most likely a rented office for the production. Trust me, I can recognize it anywhere, from the floor to the glass individual offices.


This is obviously a very large office, but trust me, it is one and the same.


Now, this video reveals a bit more about the location and I am able to really give you some insight as to where it was filmed. It really is filmed in Los Angeles, California, in the Gas Company Tower at 555 5thSt.


Just across the street is the Gas Company Tower. Check out the Google Map and see for yourself.


This is actually a co-working office where various companies and individuals rent an office on one large office space, hence why there are so many spaces for this guy to make his numerous videos and make them look individual and professional.


This is from NEO2. Look familiar?

The question is whether Mr. Freeman really does have an office there. Now, if you are in or near Los Angeles, you can ask him yourself. I am not sure exactly what floor the WeWork offices are, but I am sure on location you will find them quickly. Just look for Freeman’s smug face as I am 100% certain it is not his real name. One thing I did find out though, is I believe he has been working under the company name DynaDot, LLC, if I am not mistaken. It is based in the same location and has managed to release NUMEROUS scam websites over the last couple of years, though I think at this point it is non-existent. But from scam such as bestfreesignals.com, forexadswaps.com, liveitluxury.com and more, all registered at the same location seems like too much of a coincidence. He has obviously had a long history in scamming people.

Lastly, before I conclude this review, I want you to take a look at the domain registration of this scam website domain. Now, if you just look up the actual domain www.crunch-tech.co you will find no connection. However, right click on any of the menu items and open in new tab and you will be redirected to crunch-tech.net. A quick domain search reveals the following:


My favorite hosting company, DWD Technologies LLC. Now, I think I have already made it quite clear in my previous reviews that THESE GUYS ARE SCAM ARTISTS connected to numerous other scams. This and NEO2 have proven further that the person behind this hosting company is Michael Freeman considering the numerous scams that are released and hosted exactly by this company. All of them, of course, leading back to the infamous Mr. Freeman.

Now, correct me if I am wrong, I have no problem with admitting when I am, but does Crunch Tech really seem like a legitimate place to invest your money with considering that it is directly connected to a proven scam artist and an already proven scam? I am not even discussing the fact that I am 100% certain that it does not give you accurate signals and it will soon die out and disappear just like all the other scams out there the moment it tricks enough people and takes their money.

P.S. A quick heads up. A new scam will be revealed soon called Capital Trading App. It is also by Mr. Freeman and they were stupid enough to actually post the casting for the actors for it. Take a look HERE. Be quick as I am sure this link will no longer be available as soon as they realize that they’ve been caught.

Anna Georgieva

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