This Review is outdated Copy Buffett Is Scam Stay Away From It!

Now, I have been known to give quite harsh opinions of various binary options software, including the Copy Buffett software. Honestly, when I first reviewed it, I was somewhat unsure because they really did try to keep up with the various other marketing schemes the other websites were using to attract attention. I was just about ready to call it a scam but was borderline due to the various discussions I came upon regarding its effectiveness. With that said, I have decided to give it some time and to see where it goes.

Product Name: Copy Buffett Software

Niche: Binary Options Software

CEO: Jeremy Fin

Official Website: Click Here

Minimum Deposit: $250

Claimed Daily Profit: Nearly $2000

Cost of Software: Free

It has been quite some time since my first review, and I have taken some time to look it over again, and even actually give it a try. Mind you, actually trying a software would have to be the last thing I do unless I am not 100% sure that I will not completely lose my money. The reason is the number of scams out there. Only, I kept coming back to this software and kept track of the feedback coming in about it, and am actually surprised by the results. With everything, time is key, and in this case, it seems that it may have actually been worth the wait.

Quick Recap about the Copy Buffett Software

Honestly, when you look at the website, there is little difference between this and the numerous other similar websites advertising less than impressive software. In fact, they have followed the marketing schemes to the fullest. From the actors, the videos, the testimonials, and overall scheme of the website. This is initially what completely put me off. In fact, it is with this software that I really learned what “don’t judge a book by its cover” means.

The software is claimed to be developed by Jeremy Fin, who is claiming to have studied investments and trading structure of Warren Buffett extensively. He is a software developer with over 18 years of experience in some major enterprises he decided to dig up as much as he can about warren Buffett and try to imitate his knowledge and skills through a software that earns money. This is how the software was actually dreamt up.

With that said, I want to note here that the guy in the video is not Jeremy Fin, who seems to want to stay anonymous. You are seeing actors throughout the video, but from the looks of it, and from my experience, it seems that this software actually seems to work.


After doing the research he gathered a team of professionals in the trading industry, mathematics, and development in order to create the algorithm that is meant to mimic the math genius of his idol, Warren Buffett. Combining his mathematics along with the other knowledge he has gained he has created a software that he claims can earn up to $1,970 profit on average daily. Now, don’t get excited. They have taken their best months, carefully selected the one that was most profitable, and then came up with this average. Though I am now certain that you will profit form this software, do not expect this or higher average every month. Some days will be lower, some higher, and some months may result in lower average earnings. The key here is showing off their best profits, not really the average of all time. A marketing trick, but still not a lie.

As it goes with all websites offering binary options software, the repetition of how this is absolutely free is there. For those that are unfamiliar with binary options may end up with a nasty surprise at the end of the steps where they have to make an investment. This is not mentioned anywhere in the website, and honestly, I think that if you are looking at an online work or a means to make money online website, you absolutely must research what it entails before going forward with it. In this case, the minimum deposit is the same minimum as with nearly every single broker out there. The software really is absolutely free as they make money via the commissions they receive from the brokers for every new trader. They mention about you becoming a partner and paying 5% from your profits, which technically is impossible. What will actually happen is the broker will keep 5% commission from your trades, nothing more. Again, I highly recommend you look further into this because different brokers have different commissions, so when you know which broker you will be working with, simply take a look at their terms so you are aware of what you are getting yourself into.

All in all, the software is basic, simple, and does the trading for you. You set the amount invested per trade and select whether you want automatic or manual, and you start. You have to create your account, fill out the information, and sign up with the selected broker. Once you have done this you make your investment. Before you jump big and make a huge investment, I recommend you start with the minimum of $250. Even if every single review is positive, always start off small so you can be on the safe side. The minimum trade volume is $25 per trade, which is reasonable, and I don’t recommend you increase this until you have made a return on your investment and can withdraw your initial investment so you do not lose any money. After this, experiment if you like, but never trust any review 100%, always be safe and never accept any bonuses unless you have read the terms in full and very carefully to avoid getting your money tied down for too long.

What I’ve Read and Heard about Copy Buffett

Now, before I go into my relatively brief (as I have been using it for a little over a week now) experience with the Copy Buffett software, I want to give you some insight into what others re saying.

Aside from the common positive reviews which are basically a marketing trick, there are plenty of discussions going on about this software. In the beginning I rarely found information about the software outside of the reviews and the comments below them. I had found 2-3 discussions that real traders actually gave their own experience with the software, which resulted in an inconclusive review on my part.


Since then I have kept an eye on the Copy Buffett software because for the first time in quite a while I had seen something that was actually giving me some hope that there might be something that really works out there. I didn’t want to jump on it right away because there are always false alarms. Still, after following its growth in popularity, I discovered that more and more people are discussing their profits from this software.

Now, before I continue, I want to underline the fact that you will not become a millionaire. The money will not just start flowing in from day one. The win process is slow because you want to start with the minimum investment and minimum invested value per trade. Keep your signal strength as high as possible while still allowing a good flow of quality signals, and you may start making profits.

Many of the people that were not successful with this software is because they got greedy. The reason is they wanted more signals, they invested a lot of money, and made high investments per trade. In turn, losses were bigger than the wins. Percent is everything, but if you are not careful the market can surprise you, even the most impressive algorithms cannot handle some of its fluctuations.

When you make your initial investment, at minimum, keep your per trade investment at minimum while keeping your signal quality high. Keep this up until you have fully returned your initial investment. Before increasing your bid amount per trade and perhaps slightly lowering your signal quality in order to get access to more signals, make sure you withdraw your initial investment. This will help prevent you from losing any money should the markets take a drastic turn. From that point on you are trading entirely on profits. This is what most of the successful traders with this software have done.

Another key is actually at least having an idea what binary options are. Before signing up with this or any other software, make sure you at least read up on it a bit and have an understanding of the market and exactly what you are getting yourself into. Knowing the risks and understanding the potential will give you a better idea of how to be successful.


I have seen win rates anywhere between 65%-75%, do not expect anything over 80% simply because even the most accurate algorithm and software cannot predict the market to such an extent. Still, as long as you are in the positive you have a chance of gradually increasing your profits with little to no effort. Some of the discussions I came upon had participants that have been using the software for more than a month now and have seen their profits gradually grow. In the beginning they were happy to increase their profits by $100-$500 per day depending on their initial investment and gradually really achieve about $1000 profit per day. They took the time and sat at their computers and sometimes did manual trades with the ones that they were familiar with rather than allowing the software on full-time. This gave them the upper hand over other users, but only after they had studied the software, watched it go in auto-trading for a while, and selected trades that best suit them.

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My Experience with the Copy Buffett Software

Although I was very skeptical at first, I decided to go for it. I was actually very scared to give it a shot simply because of all the false alarms I have had about genuine systems. They have all the typical red flags of aggressive marketing which almost put me off, but I guess in order to stay afloat among similar websites offering  similar software (with different results) it’s easy to understand their desire to fit in.

A little over a week ago I signed up with the software and decided to give it a shot. I made a minimum of $250 investment with TitanTrade and started. I kept my per bid investment at $25 and stuck to signal strength of 75% or more. I actually did not allow the software to work when I was not on the computer. I wanted to see it in action. So I would set it on auto-trading only when I was watching, and the rest of the time I set it at manual so it did not do any trades while I was off.

Now, I am limiting my trades to no more than 4 a day, I want to take it slow and see how it progresses over time. In total, for the 8 days that I have had the software working I have had a total of 32 trades (I let one day go to 5 trades on one day so in total 33). Out of these 33 trades I won 24 which puts me at about 74% win rate which is pretty decent. As I have kept my trades to a minimum per day in order to have a steady and accurate result, I have kept my profits to a minimum too. I am at about $600 profit at this point which I am happy about. It’s not the major nearly $2K promised, but this is because I want to first test the software at the mere minimum before I start allowing it more trades per day.

So far, I am actually happy with the results. I will post an update after I have used the software for a month or if things turn around and I end up losing. So far I am confident that I will continue winning with the Warren Buffett Software and encourage you to read up on it and give it a shot as so far, out of the numerous software I have reviewed, it’s the only one that has given me a glimmer of hope.


I have found that there are numerous binary options software websites out there and Copy Buffett Software is the latest one. It has recently become available for the general public and although it does have its issues, it does seem promising.

With that said, never trust promising. Always research and make sure that you know what you are getting into. If you have landed on their website not knowing a thing about binary options you will be left with the impression that it is all completely free and you don’t have to pay a penny, when in fact, an investment is required to actually benefit with binary options. Also, never overlook the important fact that this is still the stock market and regardless what anyone advertising a binary options software says, there is a considerable risk investing.

What is the Copy Buffett Software?

This is another binary options software that offers anyone seeking a quick buck an opportunity. The question is whether they will actually see results. It is based on the genius mind of Warren Buffett who is a well-known investor that has made millions on the stock market. The developer of this software has researched him in depth and his techniques in order to develop a software that mimics his trading methods in order to guarantee success. He was able to successfully apply his techniques such as a passive approach and cutting emotion out of trading but had a hard time matching his math genius.

By gathering a team of professionals he was able to create an algorithm that is able to do the math portion of the work which he was unable to do. All in all he guarantees that you will make earnings of $1,970 daily profit on average which leaves visitors of this website with very high expectations. The software is absolutely free (of course you do have to invest money though) and from that point on you become a 95% partner where 5% of your profits go to them.

The Details about Copy Buffett Software

As much as I would like to say this is it and you must invest now, I will not. This is because regardless of how promising a website like this seems and as much as I wish there really was something out there that makes millionaires with a simple small investment and a click of a button, there really isn’t.

No, you will not become rich overnight with binary options, this you must understand. Yes, you can make money, but making real big money as claimed in this website is based mainly on your luck, invested amount, and your knowledge of the market. Even though they claim you do not have to move a finger because their software does all the trading, I highly recommend you read up on binary options and follow the market, learning about it, before you invest.

There are several things that bother me on the website. These are common marketing schemes in order to get you to sign up as fast as possible so as to overlook proper research. This is a commonly used tactic by many of these websites as competition is harsh and the moment you leave their website the chances of you returning are slim. Also, unfortunately, many of these tactics are used by and actually started by scam websites. Legitimate websites have recently started mimicking these tactics in order to stay afloat as getting yourself out there in a sea of binary options websites is near impossible. Hence the affiliate programs which offer a lot of money to anyone that has brought new investors, thus the numerous positive reviews without any real backing.

The video is the first. Obviously, this guy is an actor right along with all of the  testimonials which is common practice as well. What bothers me most is the push for time and the fact that he says repeatedly that this is absolutely free. Even though the software is free and in fact, even once you invest the money is still yours unless you lose it, it is still keeping important information well under the rug until you are completely absorbed in your dreams of making this kind of money. At which point, a mere $250 minimum deposit will seem like pocket change.

I think that the most important thing you can do is before you invest with any one of the binary options software available is do real research. Steer clear of the numerous reviews out there because 99% of them are paid and will do absolutely nothing for you except continue to lead you on. Hit the forums, if a topic is not posted, you do it. Surely, you will find plenty of people that have been down that road and can give you real experience information. If you are new to binary options I highly recommend you read the disclaimer at the bottom of every single one of these websites to really get an idea of what the software is about and what you can expect.

Binary options really are an easier way to get your foot in the stock market but certainly, this does not mean they do not have the same kind of risk. Real money is played and real money is lost if for some reason the software does not pick up on the signal properly.

The Verdict on the Copy Buffett Software

Considering that this is a relatively new software available on the market it is still early to say whether it is a scam or not. It is very important that you do proper research before investing as today there are so many scams out there that the chance of you getting caught up in one are highly probable. Research the claimed CEO, the history of the company, try to find real people that have experimented with the software, and always, no matter how reliable something seems, don’t trust it 100%. Keep an eye on the Copy Buffett Software and research it well because if you get caught up in a binary options scam your initial investment may be only the start of your losses.


Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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