Now, if you have seen the recent Rubix Project, the Hexa Trader Scam, or the Leaked Profits Scam, then there isn’t much to see with the CogniTrade Scam. This is a copy paste scam with a different video and logo. The rest is all the same. The same typical scam that will rob you blind. With direct connection to the scams above, it’s useless to even test the system because it’s obvious that their goal is to get as many out there as possible and wait for the money to flow in.

See, even though they’ve gone with a different approach with the video, the end result has not changed. There is no proof of profits, no real testimonials, even the system they try to present you in the website is not the same as the scam system that we’ve all seen before time and time again.

What is the CogniTrade Scam?

Though they aren’t really open about exactly what this system is in the video, or at least further into it, it’s just another binary options scam. Basically a software that does trades for you automatically. They give you a bull explanation of how it works and how they come to their results, but when you see that the system that you are redirected to in the end, it’s obvious that none of that is put into action if it ever had a chance of actually getting anything near profitable signals.


The system itself is a scam system that has been promoted by numerous similar scam promo pages. All they change is the color scheme and the logo and push on you a software that has yet to make any profit for anyone.

Watch the First CogniTrade Scam Video with controls.

Before I continue discussing the video I want to bring something to your attention.


Notice that the video that links from the website is uploaded by username Wealth Crew?


This profile was created to upload the promo video for another scam called Wealth Crew. The same profile also uploaded the promo video for the Hexa Trader Scam as well as the promo video for the Leaked Profits Scam. This proof alone is confirmation enough that the same person stands behind all four of these scams, and possibly many more.

The video begins with some stolen clips discussing cognitive computing, which is what the scam artists behind this software claim is what drives this useless system. In reality, no such thing is going on with this particular system, at all.


To prove their claims they provide a number of fake recycled screenshots of bank accounts. The one above has been used numerous times.


One of these was in the scam Hexa Trader.


This screenshot has been recycled before as well, numerous times.


They always manage to change the name, balance, and account number but always overlook the date and time which gives them away.

Throughout the video you will continue to hear the works risk free, guaranteed, and register now over and over again. If he had spent half that time actually discussing real facts about the software perhaps more people would be interested. The reason he doesn’t? There are no real facts about the software. The people behind it have no idea how binary options even work!


The use of Fiverr testimonial actors is cheap and a dead giveaway that something is a scam.


This is dclover1. She has been in numerous other scams including the Instant Wealth Scam, the SelfMade Millionaire Scam, and many more.


So, who is this guy? He claims to be Cameron Doyle and an ex-IBM Engineer and CEOof CogniTrade, but he isn’t any of the above. His name is obviously not Cameron Doyle, he is actually an actor. No person by this name matching this description actually comes up in any of my searches. He has never worked for IBM and is definitely not the CEO of Cogni Trade. Cogni Trade does not exist as a company anywhere for him to be a CEO of it.


Here we have ourselves another popular Fiverr actor.


This is rsawyer24 and has been featured in scams such as the Auto Money Maker Scam, the Nasdaq Inside Trader Scam, and many more.


This absurd proof is also fake.


I knew that I should keep this screenshot I saw in the Leaked Profits scam video as I was certain I would see it again. Obviously, the balances have been changed, but the screenshot is identical. You can even see that they’ve done a horrible job in Photoshop with the replaced numbers.


Here we have ourselves another recycled screenshot.


This one is once again from the Hexa Trader, but it has been used and reused in many other scams. What I want to make clear is that they give zero proof.

You get a brief description of the software and explanation that it works by means of using cognitive computing technology. Via this technology that I have yet to see being used in binary options successfully, they claim they reach the impossible 95.2% win rate on all of their trades. He also claims that the way he makes money is by getting a 1% commission on top of your profits, though he doesn’t make it clear who exactly pays this commission, though does underline that it’s not the trader. The reason he doesn’t clarify is because the people behind this scam know well enough that there will be no commission as no one will be making money. The reason it is said is to make it seem like a more believable story.

Another absurd claim that he makes is that this is the last day they will be taking on a new batch of 20 traders. Then, tomorrow, they are setting up a KickStarter where it will cost $979 for setup and $49 per month after that. Aside from the fact that this is a complete lie, what I can’t understand is, considering the kind of money he has been making with this software (as he claims), why on earth would they be uploading it on KickStarter and not just promote it with the price. Of course, because KickStarter is a familiar name that would make you actually believe their lies.


The software you are presented in the promo website has nothing to do with the software you actually end up being redirected to.

Watch the Second CogniTrade Scam video with controls.There is not much to see there though, just basically discussing the broker, how they are carefully selected and that your money belongs to you. Anyone with experience with binary options and similar scams knows well enough that this is a lie. Most of the brokers that such scams connect to are scam brokers that never allow withdrawals, which brings me to the point that once you invest your money, you will never see it again. Your money, after that, belongs to them. Regardless if you trade and lose it or if you change your mind and want your investment back.


Then we reach their widget with fake recent trades. Here you will see a number of pages with fake trades that are supposed to represent what the system does. Only, it does the exact opposite! With an average of 2-5 trades per day there is absolutely no way to reach the absurd profit claims of this scam.


Wait, there is more! You decide you want to continue with the scam and see where it takes you? Well, you will have to enter your billing information before being given the Terms and Conditions in a page that has zero security or safety of your information implemented. Not only that, you have no idea what broker you will be investing with. All in all, a recipe for disaster.


You finally reach the magical system that they claim will make you rich, thinking it’s something new and innovative, then realize you’ve seen it before. MANY TIMES. This same scam platform has been used by some of the most notorious scams out there. Regardless what bull story they are feeding you about their means of getting signals, it’s all lies, the system will lose as the only thing that has changed is the logo and the color scheme.

The CogniTrade binary options system is a scam and should be avoided at all costs if you want to actually see your money again.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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