I recently came upon The Cobalt Code and actually thought it could be interesting. It definitely had the typical scam look about it, but there was something different about the video. It wasn’t until I decided to look further into it that I realized that this is just another scam that spews only lies in hopes of getting you hooked to sign up with their recommended broker. They have been around since April and so far have managed to scam a lot of people, but surprisingly, it just now crosses my path.

Product Name: The Cobalt Code

Niche: Binary Options Software

Official Website: thecobaltcode.com

Minimum Deposit: $250

To start with their videos are extremely long and repetitive. They provide zero information as to what you are really getting yourself into, and PLENTY of LIES.

What is The Cobalt Code?

This is a typical binary options automated software scam. It does nothing for you and just encourages you to sign up with their recommended broker, invest, and in turn, lose your money. Currently though, it seems they are just collecting information as from the looks of it they have lost their license with the software they were trying to convince you to sign up to because it no longer takes you to the third, and final step.


The main page, and first step, looks much like Lie Detector Millionaire and many other scams out there.


They try and convince you that they can be trusted by adding a number of logos from various trusted banks claiming that they are verified by them. DO NOT BELIEVE THIS! None of these are clickable so you can confirm this, and upon deeper research you will find no further information actually confirming these claims.


I loved their effort to make it seem as if people are winning in your area, even if it’s not exactly your area. Only, they overlooked the fact that different countries have different names, and I am 100% certain that it would be quite difficult to find someone by the name of Richard Roberts in Bulgaria. With that said, each of these is a stock photo with serious zoom onto the individual so it is almost untraceable.


Their location is also rather interesting.


Decided to look around and the only thing I noticed, aside from the single family homes in the area, is this apartment building. No offices, not large buildings, nothing. Considering the fact that in the video they are located in LA with mansions and high rise apartments then all of the sudden they are located in some residential neighborhood in London. Just doesn’t add up.


One would think that the information that they fail to provide in the website would be found in the Terms of Service or Disclaimer, but even in this case they failed. They simply do not exist, NONE of them exist.

The Videos and Testimonials of The Cobalt Code

So, of course, there is no control of the videos. This means that you are forced to watch nearly 1 hour of repetitive video in hopes of gaining some sort of information as to what exactly they are offering and how you will make nearly $13K a day. I cannot imagine anyone actually getting through the entire video, its impossible. You can watch the full video in YouTube HERE.


I noticed that all of the video testimonials that are not filmed by them on location are not Fiverr actors, or at least none of them are familiar, but actors they are. They are most likely local actors that they found through craigslist or similar.


As with all similar videos, they flash their rentals.


Glance at Rancho Santa Fe Lakeview Villa, a rental villa.


This villa they rent for holidays. It is not owned by this guy, he does not visit or sleep there, he is an LA actor that had several minutes there, not even inside the villa itself. Just parked outside in front of the garage and the video continued.


From the video.


The real thing.


You can see the vacation villa listing HERE.


Another rental.


They simply rented the villa and the expensive cars, the rest? Actors!


Then they jump to his flashy apartment.


No one under that name lives there.


Here is the location.


No, you are not.


Such an obvious and bad Photoshop! Pathetic.


You are, a real working ACTOR.


Testimonials with stolen images.


Find out more HERE.




Check proof HERE.


I honestly didn’t have the energy to go through thousands of actors in LA to find all of these guys. But managed to find her.


The photo helped a LOT.


Actress Kate Luhr.


More stolen images.


Check proof HERE.




Read more about it HERE.

Demo of The Cobalt Code


I wouldn’t feel comfortable knowing he can go into member’s accounts just like that.


Not sure how a profit of $655.67 is possible from an investment of $350. A profit of $305.67 perhaps, but that’s not how they put it.


In the beginning of the demo he showed us his balance of $586,246.88.


Then the balance after the trade, $586,902.55. Difference of $655.67 – how is this possible with an investment of $350 the profit to be double of the invested amount? They either got confused in making the video or have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. The fact is that it doesn’t add up.


This kind of win rate is impossible.


In the beginning, the very first trade was at a trade volume of $350, yet after that trade he discusses increasing the trade amount to $50. It just doesn’t make sense.


More stolen images.


Confirm HERE.

The Second Video

Once you have managed to make it through the first step it doesn’t get any better. More videos, only this time its only 15 minutes. You can watch it HERE. The lies are repeated, but much less.


In conclusion…

The Cobalt Code is a scam, regardless how you look at it.


This website has been around since April of this year, meaning that the fake testimonials, profits, and traders are impossible. Not only this, considering that its been around since then, the „few” spots available would have been gone now. At this point, the software really does not work any more, or is currently down, but that doesn’t stop them from collecting your contact information for further use and mailings for their future scams. This software is simply not worth it and I recommend you stay away from The Cobalt Code and Drexel Code

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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