They are at it again, actually, they’ve never stopped, the newest scam CFD Society is already claiming its victims. It seems scam artists never sleep because the moment you step away from the computer, when you come back you are overwhelmed by the latest get rich quick schemes and binary options scams. They are everywhere! Now, this may seem like a good deal to a newbie, but if you have seen as many scams as I have, you see right through it the moment you open up the website.

Product Name: CFD Society Binary Options Scam

Niche: Binary Options Software


You are greeted with the typical video that cannot be controlled. You have no idea how long it will go on for, and I must admit that even after I had the controls after I had gathered enough proof I ditched it. The goal is to just keep talking and talking until you get bored with it and want to move on and sign up to see if you will find out more information. During this first step they gather their first piece of information, your name and email. From this point on, consider your mailbox their newest spam trashcan. You will get an avalanche of get rich quick scams and schemes, not daily, but every second. The lies, fake proof, and completely absurd claims continue throughout the website.

What is the FCD Society Scam?

This is a binary options scam. They don’t claim that it’s an automated system, but rather a signals system that gives you signals via their algorithms and research. Then you decide whether you want to go through with the actual trade.

Now, I went through the entire signup process, but I never actually reached a system. What I did find, I will share further into the review, were some screenshots from other traders of the system as well as ones from the video. It never really shows you how the system really works though and from the looks of it, it is actually automated which means that it makes the trades for you, though you do have a manual trading option.

Watch the first CFD scam video with controls.

The video provides you with little to no information. Some sob story about how he quit his job because they were scammers and created this system. Only, it’s all a lie. The screenshot you are greeted with is fake, obviously has been tampered with, and there is zero proof of it even being connected to this system or profits concerning it. Not to mention that what, his account has $7K, not sure what he’s trying to prove with that.

The inconsistency with the profits begins early on. In the beginning of the video he claims you will not be making millions but rather $11K a month which is far more reasonable. Even more reasonable is what he actually claims further on, which is $60K a year, coming up to $5K a month. Though this seems completely plausible, the mere fact that the claimed profits change and are rather specific leads me to believe that they haven’t actually seen any profits with this system to actually set an actual number.

So, who is Chris Chase. Well, he is definitely not who he describes himself to be in the vide, and certainly not the person that you are made to believe he is by the image. Though I will go into further detail on him further in the review. I just want to make it clear that not a word about him is actually true.

He claims that this is his jerk boss that robs people.

But it’s nothing more than a stock photo.

Actually, he started off with exactly that, Photoshopped bank statements and will continue with the lies.

Your intelligence will be heavily insulted with the amount of fake trades in this website, especially those that are made over the weekend.

You are given a screenshot of his account and the trading system. With claims of the impossible 97%win rate he continues to flaunt the number of trades per month and his profits, which, once again are a bit off.

But of course, he wants to prove that there are no fake trades and goes on to show you his profits. A quick look at the calendar actually reveals quite enough. February 5th, as the Date shows in the trade history, is actually a Sunday, a day that the markets are closed. So, all of these trades are fake. There is more, considering the average payout from what he revealed in the video, the number of trades per month, and the average win rate, the profits he is claiming are impossible. Obviously, the person behind this scam actually has zero knowledge of binary options and trading or else they would not have made such obvious mistakes.

Back to Chris Chase. First, you will not know him from Fortune, Forbes, or Bloomberg because he was never featured there, look it up. I love how he describes himself in third person in the email though.

What I think is most important is the fact that he not only lies about his popularity, but also about who he is with this stock photo. Really willing to trust someone not confident enough to show you his face?

The members are also fake, and so are their testimonials.

As they are heavily cropped for the most part, I was unable to find the original stock photos, but they are quite popular. Each with pages upon pages of google image results where they were used for other testimonials, various websites, and much more long before this scam was created.

Watch the second CFD Society scam video.

First, no one can guarantee you ANY profit with binary options, second, though the profits seem reasonable, he has yet to give you any proof of them actually being actual.

The push for time is very important. With grammar skills that could kill, they encourage you to sign up now and don’t think about it, and definitely, don’t research this scam or else you won’t sign up!

Actually, as per the fake trade history, there are broker commissions, it’s pretty clear that you get only 71%-75% of your profits. But its ok, they obviously have no idea what they are talking about.

This is underlined, very important, and a complete lie! No broker will ever go along with that, not to mention he contradicts himself CONSTANTLY in the videos and website.

Now, let’s take a look at Olivia Kay and her live trade’s history, which was updated August 3rd, 2017. Now, considering that it’s still March, it’s a bit off. Now, before you say that it was updated March 8th, first take a look at the other pages and confirm for yourself that its clearly month/day rather than the other way around. Of course, in the history it jumps to 2016 with is a relief, though that means that the trade history either has not been updated, or there haven’t been any trades since August of last year. Yet, this system was not actually online until January of this year. Odd.

Of course, though, the Olivia Kay does not exist, it’s a made up name and a stolen image from the internet.

Back to her history. I jumped back through the pages to see what else I can find, and discovered that if you jump to the first weekend there are actually trades in the trade history. Considering the markets are closed over the weekend, this further proves that THESE TRADES ARE FAKE.

The truth is, this scam was not registered until the 18th of January of 2017. The person behind the CFD Society scam has no idea what binary options are, how they work, or how to make money with them, they are just a scam artist looking to steal your money.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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