The BinaryBotMaster Scam Revealed

The BinaryBotMaster scam is by far the most effortless scam I have come by in a long time. They have put in zero effort, yet they have managed to really make a statement and already get a whole lot of people with their minimalistic approach. From the looks of it, they have taken a whole different direction from thed rest of the scams out there. Either because they are experimenting or they are simply unexperienced. Either way, their heavy promotion outside of the website seems to be getting the job done.

Product Name: BinaryBotMaster

Niche: Binary Options Software

Featuring nothing more than a short video and some useless information, this promo site has just 1-2 steps that eventually take you to a very shady looking software that looks as if it’s still in the process of actually being developed. It just seems incomplete. They have opted out of using any proof, or at least what they claim is proof, in order to convince you. The whole thing is a mystery.

What is the BinaryBotMaster Scam?

This is an obvious binary options scam. Unlike the rest, it’s not an automated system, but rather they claim that you will receive emails or get signals just handed to you and then you trade said signals. Only, they provide zero information as to how exactly this happens, and why exactly do you have to use one of their shady brokers rather than use any broker you like.


They have opted out of the typical video introduction. The video is less than a minute long and just quickly runs through what binary options are, that they require knowledge and time to research, and how they will give you these signals that were researched giving you a 77% win rate. I give it to them, they are not extravagant, they don’t use the typical flashy marketing schemes that the other scams use, and their win rate is considerably more reasonable than the rest. Still, their lack of information and transparency is more than enough to prove that they are a scam. There is zero contact information, nothing about who they are and why they are doing this, and their connection to a number of scam brokers proves that they are just another binary options scam.


Most binary options scams out there claim very high win rates. The fact that the BinaryBotMasterscam has opted to be more realistic is what has been luring so many people to them. At this point, regardless of the numerous fake positive reviews that are paid by these guys based on the traffic they send them, there are plenty of people already complaining that they were scammed by them.

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Basically, they claim you will receive signals either first hand or via email from them. There is no mention of a software or a system that does the trading for you or gives you the signals. There is no explanation of how this happens or where the signals are coming from. Who does the research, what is their experience, and why should their trading signals be trusted?


Their claim of a trusted brokerage is a joke. Nearly every single broker that they are connected to is a scam broker. I have written negative reviews for at least half of the brokers you are given an option to trade with, if you even get to the point to have said option as it seems to skip over this step depending on when and where you sign up from as I have tried various proxy settings to see the results. These brokers work for the sole reason to work with scams such as these. The goal is to pay scams like these a fat referral fee for every new trader which they harass to invest far more than they had planned.

Then, even if by some magical chance they do make some sort of profit, they do not give withdrawals, push automatic bonuses on them, and cancel accounts the moment withdrawal is requested. All in all, I know very few people have been able to come out of this with even a small portion of their initial investment, let alone a profit. Mind you, this success is with a lot of effort, a lot of time, and sometimes legal help involved.


So, how does this scam software work? Well, they claim analysts research the market giving you 77% success rate signals, but little information on who these analysts are and why they should be trusted. Then you are supposed to receive emails via email and then use them with one of their trusted brokers. Then just relax. Interesting explanation, but when you reach the next step it doesn’t make sense as there really is a software where you receive the signals.


It seems they haven’t been working very hard of late as their last 10 signals that they claim were given to their clients were from October 10th and 11th. Not very up to date if you ask me. The only piece of proof that they’ve provided in the entire promo website seems to only prove they are a scam.


So, what brokers do they work with? Somehow I ended up in this page, though I was unable to reach it every time I tried. At least 4 of these brokers I have written about due to their numerous complaints and connections to a number of scams, the rest I may not have revealed as scam brokers in reviews, but a quick search reveals that each of them are connected to a number of binary options scams. Binary options scams are there for these brokers, and vice-versa.


Finally, the software that they never even mention in the BinaryBotMaster scam website. It almost looks like it is still in the process of being developed as it seriously lacks information or options. They even have an auto trade option which was not even discussed in the promo website. So you don’t receive signals via email? The inconsistencies here are growing and I am now more than ever convinced that this is not a trusted binary options software and a complete scam.

Since the registration of the BinaryBotMaster scam website they have managed to lure a lot of people into losing their money with them, a quick search reveals more than enough to prove that they should not be trusted.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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