So, here we have ourselves another online scam, the Bahama Banker. This is the typical binary options scam that we are all so used to by now. Unfortunately, they don’t target people that have already gotten burned with such scams and can tell them apart, they target people that have no idea what binary options are and those with little experience with online scams and making money online.

Name of Software: Bahama Banker

Niche: Binary Options Software Scam

Official Website:

This is just another typical scam that promises the luxury and money but offers nothing to actually prove that it can deliver on this promise. Just a bunch of pretty pictures that will get you nowhere quick. Invest with them, and I guarantee you will lose your money. Still, as I have been criticized for my negative reviews and always tearing apart such scams brutally, I’ll provide some proof to back my claims. At least more proof than they have provided to back theirs.

What is the Bahama Banker Scam?

Well, it’s pretty obvious that it’s a binary options automated system scam. This is a crap software that they recycle over and over again and then connect to shady brokers in order to get a referral fee. That’s the sole goal. They don’t care whether you end up winning or losing, as long as they have tricked you enough to invest at least $250. The broker will do the rest and will harass you until you finally give in and invest more.


The promo website of the Bahama Banker scam starts off the same as the rest.

Watch the first video with full controls so you can skip over the boring bits.


Now, here is Herald Beckman. He has shared with us some pictures from what he claims is his life in the Bahamas. Only, the face looks awfully familiar. He looks like one of the actors from Portland that promoted a completely different scam quite a while ago. I will do another search to try and find him, but unfortunately it was quite a bit ago so I cannot guarantee results. Need I say that I researched him and he really DOES NOT EXIST?


It’s interesting that they are showing us screenshots from August of 2016, when in fact, this software was not up until November of 2016. Not to mention the fact that they have stolen this image direct from the Citibank site.


This is an example of their accounts page. Though they have made some serious tweaks to the screenshot, including the addition of the full account number, change of date, and obviously the name and amounts, they have left out several things. The time is 100% identical and so are the 3 messages, also, the first account number has identical last 4 digits. Though these could be coincidences, I highly doubt it. Check it out HERE.


The next screenshot further proves that their proof is nothing more than more lies.


This is another screenshot taken directly from the bank website. This time it was of Discover. You can see that they have definitely put in work to make it seem more believable but overlooked some interesting points that give it away. Someone has definitely played with it but the name, date that it was opened, and several other tiny details show that this is just the original, only tweaked. The rest of the screenshots are the same.

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The fact that they use overused Fiverr actors doesn’t help them much either.


This guy, gferdi, has been in so many testimonial videos that I don’t know how he’s still in business as everyone recognizes him at this point.


The moment he says GUARANTEED way to make money online, you should know you are about to get lied to. Period.


Now, considering they have over 10K members, don’t you think that at this point someone would have given away if this software actually worked? I mean, think about it.


A quick and simple explanation that takes you nowhere closer to believing that this scam actually does anything but rob you.


I mean, come on. Haven’t you learned by now that if any system out there promises an absurd win rate of 96% it’s an obvious scam? Seriously.


The fact that they guarantee this win rate 100% is even worse.


You will notice these profits change throughout the video and gradually go up promising you millions.


See, the way brokers work is that they cannot collect any commission from your profits as you work with the broker directly and your money is with them. No one has access to your money but you. Not sure how he is claiming that he is getting this commission, but there is no mention of it in the Terms and there is no such thing, as he won’t be getting a penny from your winning trades as there won’t be any.


Need I say that these guys are actually Fiverr actors that appear throughout the video?

Watch the second video with controls.


Not sure who they stole this picture from, but the fact that it has a kid on it disgusts me. The guy in the picture is not the same guy from the beginning of the video, not to mention the fact that they are NOT in the Bahamas as it is claimed in the video and the script as this picture rolls by.


Here is another horrible Fiverr actor.


Though I was unable to find his profile, I did discover that he was also in the Click Cash Code scam video. You cannot unsee that nose, surely you will recognize it as well.


So, here is the first inconsistency  with the profits. We jumped from a profit of $15,400 per month to $5000 per week. Obviously, they are not that great with math, dare to trust them with your money?


Now, looking at their most recent trades, you see no more than 5 trades per day, where with a normal bid per trade you get a payout of less than $50 (that’s including the initial bid). Now, do the math and tell me how it’s possible to make the kind of money they are claiming.


Of course, the popular thing to do these days is to ask you for your billing information right there on the promo page which has zero security. Your personal and billing information is at risk and you are not notified first what broker you are being assigned. NEVER enter your billing information in a website that is not 100% secure.


Once in, you realize that the little screenshots of what seems to have been the software are all lies. The soft ware is the same crap software that has been promoted time and again and proven to lose all investments. It’s completely useless to even discuss how horrible it is and the random trades it makes.


Another thing I want to note, is that the  Bahama Banker software domain was registered in November of 2016. The claims of any profits prior to that are impossible considering that this is a web based software. If it didn’t exist prior to November, how is it possible for it to actually make the claimed profits? Check my findings HERE.

All in all, the Bahama Banker software is a scam and should be avoided, but if you don’t trust me don’t let me stand in your way. Just be sure to come back and share your experience as I enjoy being proven wrong.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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