Online marketing education packages and platforms such as the AWOL Academy scam have been around for quite some time. They are presented in a very professional way so as to seem that you really will get results and have a chance to actually make the kind of money they claim, only to realize that its nothing more than another get rich quick scam that may give you some returns, but will never cover the kind of money you will spend for it and the time you have wasted.

Product Name: AWOL Academy

Niche: Marketing Scam

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See, they do make an initial effort to create some sort of education system with videos and content which really does concern online marketing, whether it’s through email, luring traffic to a similar scam website, or other means to fool people into buying into things they really don’t need. The problem is, all of this information is readily available online for free. You don’t need to pay nearly $10,000 for a package where you can gain this same information for free or a small portion of this price and can do anything they claim they do for you with your eyes closed once you know how to do it. All in all, it’s a scam that’s created to make it seem like they offer something that is unique and can’t be found anywhere else, yet its information that is right under your nose.

The worst part is that 90% of the people that are interested in this system or that get lured into paying into it, usually go for the smaller $99 package for the Pro Academy. The way it’s marketed it seems like it’s a great start and will give you profits either way. The truth is that this is nothing more than the bait. You really get nothing useful with this and will not be able to make a penny from it, especially not in the way they claim. You will have to study hard, work hard, and invest a whole lot more to actually get the results they claim. No, the sole goal of this low price is to get you to sign up so you can have a chat with a coach that will upsell you aggressively until they’ve sucked you dry and get every penny off of you. They have 6 different packages which they push on you aggressively, and if you fall for it, you may find yourself $10,000 short by the end of the conversation.

What is it that you get? Well, a whole lot of nothing really. I mean, of course, there is a way to make money by means of online marketing and selling online products as an affiliate, but it really is hard work and requires a whole lot of knowledge to do it honestly. Their goal is to basically sell you their affiliate program where you sell these same scam packages to people and get a commission for it.

All in all, there are plenty of people out there that were lured into this and were disappointed. After realizing that their $99 really gets them nothing in return and finding out that their coach gives nothing more than a glorified sales pitch rather than actual assistance, they wrote off the money and moved on.

The AWOL Academy is nothing more than a scam and a means to rob people of their hard-earned money and continue to sell their useless products.

Anna Georgieva

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