Understanding how to catch a scam in its tracks is the key to understanding why the Aurum Tech software is a scam. This is yet another typical scam that features an auto-play video that is filmed yet again, in Portland, Oregon. It features actors that we’ve seen in other scams and regardless what he claims in the video, they never leave Portland, and the software is not profitable.

Product Name: Aurum Tech Scam

Niche: Binary Options Software

OfficialWebsite: AurumCorp.co

This binary options scam reveals a lot more in their promo video. Though they give a somewhat in-depth explanation of how he reached the success that he claims he has, they overlook really giving you a genuine explanation as to how this software works. The claims are simply that its fast, and it scans what others are doing fast, and that it buys and sells fast. That’s it. Of course, using a lot more works that really have nothing to do with it. All in all, they contradict themselves numerous times in the video, they lie openly, and use a number of actors in order to seem more honest.


The truth, however, is that the Aurum Tech Scam is identical to the numerous other scams out there, and there is nothing special or unique about it.

Watch the First Aurum Tech Video


There is no company called Aurum tech and no person by the name of Marco Shoemaker actually running it. It doesn’t exist and this is a made up individual that they hide behind.


Marco Pierre Shoemaker does not exist, at least not in the form of this individual. This guy is an actor that has been known to participate in a number of similar scam videos.


His name is David Williams and is a local Portland, Oregon actor.


Considering the CEO is an actor, it’s pretty obvious that the testimonials would be fake too. Each of the images of people in the testimonials are stolen from personal profiles or other websites.


Though they’ve kept the first name, this is Peter Chasse.


The second guy has had his picture spread around quite a bit, and is nothing more than another one of those reused profile pictures that are everywhere.


In the video they claim a 100% win rate, here they claim a 95% win rate. Either way, regardless of the inconsistency, a win rate such as this is impossible.


Their friends on Facebook are also totally fake. You can look up any of those names and see for yourself that they do not exist.


The images were all either stolen such as this one.


Or are nothing more than cropped StockPhotos.


I thought that by now they had realized that these fake news articles don’t cut it, but from the looks of it they are back. This can easily be confirmed. Just look up the name of the software in any of these major media websites and see for yourself that they’ve never even mentioned the Aurum Tech Scam.

Watch the Second AurumTech Scam Video.

Here they claim to fly to California, but do nothing more than circle above Portland and return back to the same airport. The car he drove to the office in the first video had a California license plate in hopes to fool you, but the limousine was with an Oregon license plate. Once they land you are not shown the dramatic drive to the office, as they did in the first video, just them entering it. This is so no one catches exactly where they are located.


He basically claims its 100% profitable and 100% guaranteed. The moment you hear something like this run. It’s a trap.


Now, this seems reasonable enough, only keep in mind that if you read the Terms & Conditions of the website there is no mention of this compensation promise if you don’t make the claimed profits. This is because you will NOT make the claimed profits. This is also the only time he actually mentions more or less how much you are expected to make. They are very general and only mention sums in the thousands and of course, millions.


Once in the office and a very lame entrance and back and forth with his so-called employees, you meet the techy. He basically explains that the success behind this scam software is speed, that’s it.


You even get a quick look at his account, where he tells you how much he has made in the last 24 hours, week, month, and year. First off, he is obviously in a broker account profile, yet the logo of Aurum Tech is at the top. The dates in the screenshots change as he claims the profits for each time frame, only, this is very easily adjusted, not to mention that it would not be showing in his balance, but would open up in the page. Don’t be fooled by this cheap trick.


The skype call is no better. This is a typical scheme used by these guys, who I think at this point is obvious are behind a number of identical scams. This is not  a guy in Australia, he is a local actor in Portland.


I just want to underline the fact that he claims that you trade 365 days a year which is impossible. The claims throughout this website. The numerous lies, the fact that there is not one real individual here that is not acting anywhere in the video, and their inconsistencies about the location and the fact that they feel the need to lie about it is what reveals that they offer nothing more than losses. There is no chance that this software would be able to actually give you any profit as they have failed to provide any real proof. They have overshot it. They don’t seem to understand the fact that the more they push it, the less believable they seem.

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There are already numerous complaints reeling in on this automated binary options scam, don’t become one of them. Avoid the Aurum Tech Scam.

Anna Georgieva

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