There are many scams out there and the AlgoMaster System scam is the latest one. There are plenty of negative reviews out there of this software with proof from real experience with this software proving that you will NOT make any profit using it, and you WILL lose your investment.

This website follows the same form as nearly every other scam out there. The embedded video that has no controls except for the option to pause. It automatically starts and features a number of paid actors, in this case very cheap actors on a green screen, and plenty of empty promises and lies like neo2 scam.

What is the AlgoMaster Scam System?

This is a typical binary options software scam that we have seen time and again. There is nothing unique or special about it, and you will NOT make any money. Their sole goal is to convince you to sign up with the software in order to collect your contact information and push you to sign up with their recommended broker. Once you have invested with their recommended broker they will receive a nice fat referral fee and you are left with ineffective software that does nothing more than lose you money. Contact is impossible and you are left to fend for yourself and hope for the best.


The difference between this scam and others out there is they seem to have used more local actors rather than Fiverr. Even though the setup of the video is a typical Fiverr production, the faces are somewhat unfamiliar.


One thing is for certain though, they are actors. Do a search online of James Torn or a company called AlgoMaster System and you will see that none exist. He seems as if he is filming in a grand living room with a swimming pool and beautiful horizon behind him, but the only thing that is really behind him is a green screen. Even the money all piled up in front of him are nothing more than an image except for the small stack he plays with in the beginning of the video. If he really was the CEO I don’t think he would use a green screen to show his home or how rich he is, not to mention that the whole production would have been much better quality if he really is that rich.


The bank screenshots are no better. Fake name, balances, and perhaps even dates.


What I found most interesting is the fact that the screenshot from the bank is from October of 2015, yet this software has been up only since April of 2016. Interesting how exactly that happened.


As I mentioned, they all use the exact same setup, sound, and production for the testimonials. Obviously all of them were filmed in the same location using the same technology. Another green screen with a mansion in the back, claiming to be something she is clearly not. Just another actress.


Interesting how she is from Miami, Florida, yet her account is Canadian. Yes, there could be an explanation, but anyone else find it odd? Not to mention that the name does not fit with the rest of the screenshot in any way, further proving that it is a Photoshopped image found online. Just to add, this is again from late 2015 and the location where the account was checked was London.


Oh, this Portland, Oregon „millionaire” travels first class and stand sin the middle of the plane making a promotional video. Interesting. Another green screen, another bad quality video and sound, and another fake like Crunch Tech scam


Here I want to bring your attention to the Available Funds and Total Buy Power figures. Notice the difference in the font and sharpness of the text? That’s because it is done in Photoshop.


See where I am going with this? Exact same thing. Green screen, actress, fake name, fake location. ALL done in the same studio with bad quality equipment.


Another November, 2015 statement and more Photoshop.


There is no way someone can tell you that trading binary options holds no risk. There is a LOT of risk when trading in general, especially with binary options. They claim 100% successfully tested, but provide no information or proof of this claim. It is just empty words. Read similar finpari Review


The claimed win rate of 94.6% is impossible and without proof of what the results were from the beta testers it is very difficult to really trust their claims. Then the claim of $15K a week, absurd.


Just like with the video testimonials, their written testimonials are no different. The names, the claimed profits, and images are all fake. The images? Stock photos.


Here is one of our grand testimonial members. A stock photo. What a surprise.


I want to underline a couple of things here. The information you provide in this website is NOT secure and your computer will be filled with cookies that will track your actions online. The transactions and information you provide to this website can easily be accessed and stolen. They did NOT receive an award for trading bot of the year and they are NOT certified authentic. All of these stamps are nothing more than lies to convince you that they are legitimate, but they are FAR from that.


Another green screen testimonial and actor.


Now, this is another Bank of America account. When you put the first one and this one next to each other they are 100% identical except for the changes made in Photoshop. The names are changed, last 4 digits of the account numbers, and even the balances and date. What gave it away? The exact same types of accounts and the exact same time when they were logged in, to the minute. So far, not one has given any real proof of profit. All are lies.


Badly set up green screen shoot again with bad actor.


And another Barclays November account with OBVIOUS Photoshop editing.


A 5 minute search in each of the official websites of these media outlets reveals that they have said absolutely NOTHING about AlgoMaster. More lies.


The AlgoMaster seems to trade over the weekend when the markets are closed as well. Interesting.


Here is another example.


This is the software, and considering the thousands they claim that are using it, while I was online it never increased more than 37 people. It is impossible to confirm if the signals you receive are accurate, not to mention if they will continue to be accurate once you make an investment.

All in all, the AlgoMaster System is just another scam luring people with automated trading of binary options by means of a badly made promotional video and ineffective software.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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