It all looks good at first glance when you reach the Algo Trading Robot scam website, until you begin to listen and try to understand. The problem is, you have zero control over the annoying video. You cannot even pause it, making it impossible to step away and return to it, let alone actually go back or fast forward. It isn’t the typical 30 minutes long, but even 15 minutes is more than enough to get you to just skip it over and move onto the next step. That is their goal. What they say is pointless, but the faster you move on and have less time to research the scam before investing your money, better for them.

Product Name:Algo Trading Robot

Niche: Binary Options Software


Minimum Deposit: $250

This software is no different from any other software out there that has scammed many people in the past. In fact, the promo website follows more or less every other promo site as well. The typical video without controls, the lack of information, fake testimonials, and fake live trades. All in all, there is little you will learn from this website, and even less that you can make.


What is the Algo Trading Robot Scam?

This is a binary options automated software scam that claims you don’t need experience or knowledge of the market to make money as it does all the trading for you automatically. He gives a long and boring explanation as to how it works, but nothing really adds up. It all comes down to some super-fast algorithm that they’ve magically conjured up and its ability to make predictions as to how the market will move. Only, it’s not only math, it is common sense, lots of knowledge of the markets, and generally, experience that gives a successful trader, or software for that matter, the ability to  make quality predictions.

Watch the First Video with full controls.


The video begins with various newsreels cut to suit their goal and lure you into believing that you need this.


This is combined with two video testimonials, most likely from other scams, done by Fiverr actors. They are very short cuts of their testimonials and you really gain nothing from it. I thought perhaps it could be an insight into their future longer testimonials, but none exist.


This guy is only a representative. He doesn’t claim to be the CEO or even shares his name throughout the video. He is just an actor doing his job in presenting the software. The problem is, the story doesn’t add up and the software is an obvious fake.

He claims that the software is able to predict what the market movements will be before they happen based solely on math and history. Though this is part of predicting the market, it certainly is not what you should base your predictions on solely.


The software is claimed to be developed by a mathematics professor at Oxford University called Stanley Nash. Only, no one by that name has ever worked there as a mathematics professor. Another claim is that the software has the impossible win rate of 88.7%. This, he claims has resulted in a single losing day in 5 years and a $157 million profits for the creator over the last 18 months. I don’t think I need to even go into further detail about how absurd that is.


Of course, they don’t push for the big investments, though they do note it. They claim a mere $250 can results in the impossible $2600 per day. Which seems appetizing, perhaps too appetizing, but quite untrue.

He claims that the Oracle Investment Group created by Mr. Nash and later sold. Only, there is no trace of his ownership or creation of it. The only connection between Oracle Investment Group and Mr. Nash is in the numerous reviews of his scam software Algo Trading Software.

The claim that the software was praised in a main financial journal by a financial analysist is a lie. Search all you like, it is nowhere. It’s interesting because in the video he mentions how many people are lining up to buy this scam software for $2997 and waiting for its release next month, yet oddly enough, I have yet to hear about it and I am in all the forums out there. I will tell you this, the software will never be sold and there will be no official release of it.

All that he wants in return is that if you grab one of the 17 free licenses (push tactic) you give a short testimonial once you reach $20K. He claims you will hit that benchmark in anywhere between 8 to 15 days, rather a long shot if you ask me, but if he says so right?

Once you pass the first step you are taken to yet another horrible video that you cannot control. The only good thing is that it’s short.


Watch the SecondVideo.


Finally, at least, the second video has captions. Of course, he is desperate for you to invest at least a minimum of $250, but trust me, you will be getting endless calls pushing you to invest far more.


The claimed profits from the software are $2600 a day with an investment of $250. That means, if you are trading the minimum of $25 per trade, which is recommended, you would have to win more than 100 trades to make that kind of profit. Not only do I not believe they have the ability to offer that many signals, but I believe that you will be losing your investment at the blink of an eye.


Now, he also claims that by the end of the month, at the average of $2600 per day you could make the impossible $78,000. Obviously, they don’t seem to know much about binary options, which is enough to prove that this software is a scam, as simple math (something you would think they’d be good at) reveals that that is achieved by trading 7 days a week. No trading over the weekends guys.


Oh, the bonus trap. Never fall for it!


If you do magically manage to make some sort of profit or decide you want to withdraw your investment, these bonuses will prevent you from doing so until you have reached a trading limit. This means, your money is lost either way.


The written testimonials offer even less proof. The images are all stolen and reused numerous times in various other scams.


A quick example is our first guy who seems to also be trading with the Cash Camp proven scam.


Now, I understand if they wrote that this is the trading history from September 14th, but they are claimed to be live results that are being traded right now. Regardless, if you look into any of these you will see that they are all fabricated. Not to mention the absurd payouts! How is it possible to invest $100 on a trade and get an $825 payout? Brokers usually keep anywhere between 15% and 25% as a fee, not give you over $700 in profits!


Another issue I found with the Algo Trading Robot scam is the fact that it is hosted by DWD TechnologiesLLC. These guys are well known in the world of scams and binary option promo websites as they have hosted some of the most notorious scams out there. Any legitimate hosting company wouldn’t allow 90% of the sites they host be scams, not to mention that they are obviously a very small company with less than 300 sites to their name. How do they get their clients? No one knows, they don’t have a working website which leads me to my second suspicion. They are the ones releasing these scams.

To add to that, the nameserver on this IP has 3 other scams on it, the Dream Catcher Scam, the Optical Signals Trader scam, and the Multiplexer System scam. All confirmed scams.

All in all, the Algo Trading Robot is a scam that has appeared time and again in different forms, only to disappear again when they have scammed enough people, don’t be of them this time.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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