About Anna

My name is Anna Georgieva, but as you may suspect this is an alias for this blog as here I reveal some of the most notorious binary options scams out there. Although I am 100% about transparency, I cannot reveal my real identity because with my blog I make a lot of people angry,some of them with a lot of money that they have stolen from people just like us. I guarantee, that only my name is fictitious, the rest of the information you will find is 100% honest.

I strive to do as much research as possible on each software before releasing my review. I dig deep, go through forums, and if necessary test the software before writing up my review and posting it. My goal is not to convince you to sign up with any software or discourage you from doing so. All I want to do is inform and encourage people to do more research and know what to look for when it comes to binary options software and how to avoid getting scammed.

It was several years ago that I first got scammed, a few years after that, they got me again. I fell for it and without thinking I invested, and in turn, lost. I was just getting familiar with binary options and the fact that there really could be scams out there simply didn’t cross my mind. Then I realized I wasn’t alone. When I found out that I couldn’t get my money back and that no one was paying attention to my complaints, I decided to get back at them by starting a blog and reviewing every scam that I receive an email to. Since then I have learned a lot about binary options and even do manual trading on my own, but my passion for revealing scams and searching for a profitable software out there will never die.

I want to make sure that all my readers understand that I do not want to push my opinions on you.My goal is to share my findings. You do what you wish with them and decide for yourself because I strongly believe in never believing anything you read online. Always look deeper, always question people’s claims, and trust your gut. Happy trading!