You know that there are too many scams out there when they have turned to names like 98% Success. They are getting less and less creative and original with the names. Tomorrow they will create a 97% and a 99%, and I won’t be surprised if there is a 100% one out there already. The problem is, this is 100% a scam.

Product Name: 98% Success

Founder & Chairman: Henry D’Souza

Official Website:

Potential Profit: $688 Daily

Minimum Deposit: $250

This scam software is similar to the numerous other scams I have reviewed recently. The Perpetual Formula and Hedge Formula Group scams are not only similar, they are near identical. The similarities are profound and I wouldn’t be surprised if the same people are behind them.

What is 98% Success

This is a binary options scam software claiming you can make $688 per day and make you a millionaire. The video and website are very badly made, not to mention the poor attention to detail as they try to prove this impossibly high win rate.


You are greeted with news clips from the stock market bug a few years ago. Followed by an actor walking through what seems to be a call center.


He claims that he has figured out how to make money with the bug that caused the crash from the news clips.


Only his logic is not only completely off, but it makes absolutely no sense at all.


I mean, just look at this. Now, this could easily be someone’s PayPal, but this isn’t money earned through this software. First, if he is “transparent” about who he is why cover his name? Second, why cover where the money is coming from? Even the dates are not legible. This could be anyone, getting money from anywhere. In fact, it is.

The Fiverr Testimonials in 98% Success

I think that’s pretty self-explanatory.

6-98%-success-scam-fiverr-testimonial-actors 7-98%-success-scam-fiverr-testimonial-actors-proof

Her Fiverr Profile.


8-98%-success-scam-fiverr-testimonial-actors-2 9-98%-success-scam-fiverr-testimonial-actors-2-proof

His Fiverr Profile.


Dimitri from Washington…right.


His Fiverr Profile.

Just to name a few.

Continuing with the Shady 98% Success Scam

So, he doesn’t necessarily say spots are limited but rather that the stock exchange will set up firewalls and then this app wont earn money anymore so act fast. Basically, today you may invest and tomorrow you are screwed with losing trades right? Even their lies and thought process behind their marketing video sucks.


He claims his name is Henry D’Souza and used to work at the IT Department at the Stock Exchange. He claims that he is the one that detected the bug that stopped the stock exchange in 2014. For this he was also fired. However, this guy does not exist. This is an actor, a VERY bad one at that. You will never find out the real name of the people behind this software because they do not want you to know who is stealing your money.


He claims that this bug actually exposed trades of major investors like Warren Buffett and 87.1% of all other stock market investors. Unfortunately, not only is it impossible, but it’s absurd. There is absolutely zero chance of this guy actually doing what he claims to have done, not to mention if by some odd chance he did, trust me, this would not be up. The mere use of the name Warren Buffett should be enough.

This is how he claims he has been able to achieve the impossible 98.4% win rate. All of this he claims to be doing to get back at his old boss.


As per the video, this is his ex-boss that he wants to get back. Picture supposedly posted by his wife. There is no Anna Woolsey or Frank Woolsey that match the identity given in this video. There is no work history for a Frank Woolsey that matches the identity either. This is basically a stolen image from somebody’s profile.


There is no explanation why these are even here, but they are meant to give a visitor the idea that this software has been featured in these media outlets or that they approve of it. They do not and have never featured this scam.

More Fake Testimonials

All stolen images


Interesting how nearly every single one also pops up in the popup testimonials in another scam, Dream Profits.


Of course, Dream Profits initially stole the images from people’s personal profiles, blogs, and articles.


Read the full article HERE.

19-98%-success-scam-fake-testimonials-proof-3 20-98%-success-scam-fake-testimonials-proof-4

This guy’s blog was robbed of his webcam selfies. See it HERE.


No comment here.

22-98%-success-scam-fake-testimonials-proof-6 23-98%-success-scam-fake-testimonials-proof-7

This last guy was actually quite interesting. Read about him HERE.

Of course, none of them know their images are being used so maliciously to promote such a scam.


Of course, they decided to share some fake Facebook posts as well.



Only, they are stock photos. Check them out HERE.


Here’s one more.


Buy photo HERE.


Get her profile picture HERE.

There is no Facebook page for this scam.


The Twitter feed is no different. Aside from some paid promotional tweets of reviews there are absolutely no success Tweets and certainly none of the ones listed above.


The only thing I want to note here are the investments per trade. Seriously. The payout also seems a little off but I could be wrong.

The 98% Success Software

Looks awfully familiar right?


Perpetual Formula Scam


Hedge Formula Group Scam


Profits Infinity


And many more…

Obviously these guys are attempting to mimic some of the more successful scams out there, but with far less creativity and actual effort and funds put into it. Not only is the website cheaply made, but the quality of the video, low-grade actor, and worn out Fiverr actors reveal all the moment you land on the website.

Though I am almost certain that the same people behind websites such as NEO2 Software Scam and Ice9 Technology Scam are not the same as the 98% Success, they do try and copy them. Another website you should steer clear of is the Trio Profit Machine, but remember, new scams come out every day so research is key.

The 98% Success Scam Software will give you nothing more than 100% headache, 100% losses, and 100% regret.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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