With the 300 Millionaire Scam they have done plenty to make it seem legitimate. Certainly, the website does have a different feel to it and they provide plenty of information, though irrelevant, and have taken care to cover their tracks, but regardless, it is so painfully obvious that it is a scam that only those with absolutely no experience with such websites would fall for it.

Product Name: 300 Millionaire

Founder & Chairman: Michael Bennet

Official Website: www.300millionaire.com

Broker: GainOption

Potential Profit: Monthly profit of $4,456 – $12,476

Minimum Deposit: $350

Now, don’t get me wrong, this guy is definitely convincing. Even when he is obviously reading a script, he is convincing. Though the website has a different feel to it, it certainly does have some serious grammar and spelling problems throughout it. You would think with this kind of money at least the promo website would be better made. Regardless how convincing it all looks though, the software is a scam.

What are Binary Options?

Before I give you a review of the 300 Millionaire scam, I want to first make sure you understand what binary options are. It is essential that you understand that binary options are a dangerous game and are risky. Even though they seem like a much safer way to dabble in the stock market simply because they are put forth in an easier to chew bite, doesn’t mean that your money is safe.

Binary options are basically the same as standard options. Only the contract is for a set given time and you have a set invested money which you can either lose or double. You select an asset, a contracted time frame, and must select whether this particular asset will go up or down during the contracted time. Upon close of the contract if you have guessed correctly and the asset has gone in the direction you have predicted, you double your money minus the broker percent. If the asset goes in the opposite direction and you do not guess correct, you lose your invested money. In the case that the price for the asset stays the same at the close of contracted time, then you get your money back and you neither win or lose. You can bid as little or as much as you like for each binary option, usually brokers allow bids as low as $5 but most start at around $25. From there the bids can go into the hundreds and thousands depending on the broker. The good thing is that you know exactly how much you can win or lose each time. The problem? There are many scam websites making money off of binary options software that claim to do the bidding for you and claim to make you a millionaire. They do this by getting a referral fee for sending new traders to brokers, usually shady brokers.

What is the 300 Millionaire Scam Software?

The website is certainly convincing, they have steered from the usually dark tones and typical website design in order to give you a nice fresh look that almost immediately grabs you.


The actor greets you alongside a pool and talks about how there are only 300 spots to fill for his software. Now, before I take this any further, do not rush. He will take ANYONE and EVERYONE willing to waste their money on this scam software and sign up with his preferred broker. The “Spots Left” box on the top left will start counting down from 300 the moment it hits zero so relax.


This is Michael Bennet. You can watch the full video with access to controls HERE. Otherwise you are stuck unable to control the video and with it being nearly 15 minutes, you will want to skip over some of it.


He discusses his numerous homes, the gifts for his wife, the car he drives, and the vacations he takes. Of course, hoping to lure you into dreaming about what you want.

Throughout the video he discusses how he came about becoming this mind-boggling millionaire out of thin air and how the software came about. Now, though I am certain that the guy sitting on the couch really does exist, I do want to note that that is NOT Michael Bennet and most likely the identity Michael Bennet does not exist. In fact, considering his extensive experience, wild success, and impressive results you would think that there would be SOMETHING about him somewhere online. As a professional that wants his name to be known, he does not have any social media accounts or professional profiles anywhere.


I will not go into further detail about the video because honestly, there is absolutely no real information there, it is done poorly, and you will not find anything of use that reveals what this is all about.


What is interesting is that in the beginning of the website at the very top it clearly states that the win rate is 80%, then as you scroll the win rate grows to 97% which is not only improbable, it’s IMPOSSIBLE.  They require and request you to read and understand the 300 Millionaire technology carefully, but not only do they not provide this information, they don’t even have a Terms and Conditions.


What is interesting is that even their performance report of the signals doesn’t provide you with adequate information. With so few signals a day and even days and weeks being skipped over altogether, one should question how reliable this software is in general. Also, take a look at the investments of $500 and up. Whatever you do, never make such high investments especially when you first start with a software.


Need I say that the written testimonials are absurd and impossible to confirm. I can easily write up 50 of these if you like.

The Second Video of 300 Millionaire

The second video is certainly better made. It is also narrated by a different actor, regardless if he is claiming to be the same guy. The change in voice is obvious. Watch the video HERE.


What frustrates me is that people still fall for it even with they notice such inconsistencies.


The testimonials do not make things any easier on them. Not sure if you have experience with binary options scams, but this guy is one of the most used Fiverr actors for such scams.


Visit his Fiverr Profile.


His father must be a stock photo model as well. Found him for cheap too.


Buy his stock photo HERE.


Tom is also a Fiverr actor, also quite famous with the binary options scams. What I don’t understand is with so many available gigs from different actors why they keep recycling these guys.


Visit his Fiverr Profile.


The brief introduction to Binary Options is more or less the only thing that is accurate in this whole website.


His account really does look impressive right? Take a look at this:


Only, it’s not his account. The name on the account is something Bni Jabbar.


Not to mention that all of the transactions are from 2014. This software has been up since December of 2015. They reveal where they are being transferred to but NOT where they are transferred FROM. Not that has anything to do with the fact that neither the NAMES or the DATES add up.


With a little bit of Photoshop in hopes that the image cannot be traced his London apartment is actually an apartment in Russia and designed by a Russian company called Luna Grafika.


The images were taken from the official website and uploaded into a “handy” blog before they updated their website. You can see all of the images HERE.


His villa? Well, it’s a rental in France and this image is stolen straight out of the rental website.

24-300-millionaire-scam-fake-trip-to-france 23-300-millionaire-scam-fake-villa-proof

His trip to France is actually nothing more than another stock photo.


Purchase the photo HERE.

The video continues with information on the fake profits.


My question is exactly how they made these profits with a software that hasn’t even been up? Not to mention, with those types of profits, this guy’s name should be a household name for being so successful with Binary Options.


Myth Number 1: true, the broker does not profit from the trader’s losses but they don’t profit from their profits either. It isn’t the brokers that actually make these scams, it is the people hungry for the broker referral fee. The people behind these scams do not care if you profit or not, all they want to see is you investing. From that point on you are out of their hands and in the hands of the broker and you will never hear from them again unless it’s to convince you to reinvest.


Myth Number 2: technically, that is true. Unfortunately he fails to note that even with his beloved broker, if you accept any bonuses you WILL NOT be able to withdraw your money at any time. The terms and conditions are key to investing with any broker. There are always loopholes to you withdrawing your money and delaying your withdrawals. In many cases, with unregistered brokers mainly, you may never withdraw your money at all. They push you to reinvest your money on trades until it is all gone.


Myth Number 3: no, you do not have to be a super analyst or financier to profit with binary options especially when using a software, but it will prevent you from getting scammed so many times. If you want to really make a profit, do not rely on scam software. You can use them for information, for signals, and insights, but always know you have your knowledge to lead you in the right direction when push comes to shove.


Actually, this website will be up until December of 2016 when the domain will expire.


From that point on it will disappear into oblivion and they will make a new one. The software is a scam and their main goal is to get as many people to sign up now and invest with their broker as possible.


In exchange he wants only advertising and optimizing for his software. Bull! With the kind of money he makes he can hire people to do that. What he wants is you to invest with his broker so the scam artists behind this cheap software can make more money off of you.


From absolutely free we jump to the investments.


The minimum is $350 but he discusses investments of $200. Not to mention recommends $500.


We are back to the imaginary 80% win rate.


Only in his live signals widget on the website you don’t even get 20 signals a day, not to mention that kind of win rate.


Although GainOption have been around since 2010, there is very little information about them. The domain was purchased in 2010 but I cannot find any information about the actual broker prior to this year. The concern is the fact that they do not provide a registration number, and although they provide a UK address I found contradicting information that they are not even located in the UK.

This I confirmed via their “registered address” – Office 7, 35-37 Ludgate Hill, London England Ec4m 7jn – listed in the contact page of the GainOption website.


This address is actually part of a service for registering your company and getting your mail forwarded. You can see their services HERE. So, who are they? Where are they? You will never really know.


Finally, after going through all the steps, providing my information, and watching their relentless videos, I was hoping to get a glimpse at their software. Notice how they do not do a demo or even provide you with a screenshot of the software? That’s because it doesn’t exist. You are taken to a popup window of GainOption where you are to register and invest. Then you use their trading platform and supposed signals. How do I know? I don’t actually. I refuse to waste my money on this knowing that there was not one truth anywhere within the promotional website.

Similar viral scam sites to avoid:BO not BSDrexel CodeSafe IncomeTSI SystemLimitless Profits

These type of websites require time to figure out if they really do provide you with a profitable option to succeed. Only, these guys have been around since December of last year and so far have not made any type of impression on anyone. There are numerous fake reviews, but the forums say nothing good about them. The few that were caught up in their lies have lost their money, and the many claiming to have made money show no real proof that a software even exists. With so many out there, I recommend you at least fall for something that at least has more effort put into it. The 300 Millionaire Software is a scam, like so many out there.

I know many of you are asking whether there is something that is profitable. I asked myself that for quite some time as well. Though I am not a millionaire yet and doubt I will be in the near future, I am getting some decent results with the Copy Buffett Software. I am early into my experiment, but have already withdrawn my initial $250 investment and am continuing my experiment with a bit more confidence. The money is not by the thousands, or even hundreds on some days, but its steady and it’s a profit so I’m not complaining. Read my Copy Buffett Review here and decide for yourself.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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