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Consistent Income Software Scam

If you have been following my blog then you most likely read my Centument Scam review, they laid low for a while but they are back using the name Consistent Income. Initially when I visited the website it actually seemed legitimate. Seriously, I…


 Quantum Code Scam

With the Quantum Code I recognized the actors and production quality almost immediately. This is yet another Portland Production consisting of actors, rentals, and lies. Just a quick glance at the video and you are reminded of another similar scam, Perpetual Formula. Of…


Binary Options Robot CONFIRMED Scam

So, I recently looked into the Binary Options Robot software in hopes that it was something that I could recommend, but after getting several complaints and proof, I have come to the conclusion that it’s just another waste of time and money. The…


BinaBot Scam

If you have heard of Binadroid or Binadroid2 then there really isn’t much to see with the BinaBot scam because they are IDENTICAL. They have thrown out ALL effort the only thing that is changed is the name at the top. The same…


BinaDroid2 Scam: If the First BinaDroid Scam didn’t Get you This One May!

If you have had any experience with binary options then I am certain you have heard of BinaDroid, and they are back at it again with BinaDroid2. Enough time has passed since the original scam and they are hoping to get another wave…