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10Trade Trusted Broker: Great Platform, Customer Service, and Easy Withdrawals

Ok, I know I haven’t done any reviews of brokers and I have had quite a few requests, so here is a broker I have been using lately, 10Trade. They have been around since about 2014 and I have been using them for…


Crunch Tech Software Scam Revealed

A new scam by Mike Freeman has been released, Crunch Tech Software. I have received numerous comments regarding this scam and how trustworthy it is. I will say straight off the bat that this is nothing more than another scam made to mimic…


Nesdek Inc app

I think at this point it’s pretty clear that websites such as the official Nesdek scam website reveal at a glance whether the software could be trusted. You take a quick look at the website and see the typical lies, the scam signs,…


Click Trade App

I don’t even know where to being with the Click Trade App. I mean, it is horrible from the get-go. Seriously, I am having a hard time believing that people fall for this but as it turns out, based on the numerous complaints…


Terran Capitals

The Terran Capitals website seems quite convincing at first glance. When you take a closer look though, it is nothing more than the latest scam. From the first word that comes out of this guy’s mouth you realize that you are about to…


TrendXpert Review: You’ve Been Asking for a Recommendation!

Guys, you have been asking for quite some time for me to recommend something and TrendXpert was brought to my attention by one of the followers on the blog, MR Gordon. I have been searching for something that gives us some hope and I…


Binary Profit System

When it comes to the Binary Profit System you actually quickly realize that there actually isn’t any software at all. In fact, there is not one bit of truth here. They have taken lazy to a whole new level. This is a software…


97 Partners

One would think that 97 Partners would be obvious to some, but it has managed to scam a lot of people already. Not only do they offer a non-existent software, but they gather your personal information to actually push you to sign up…


Azure Method Scam

The Azure Method Scam is obviously done with a lot of money. They hired a number of actors, rented a yacht, a car, an office, and even a mansion. They do a demo with one software, yet present a completely different one, and…