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Quantum Income Machine

Don’t waste your time with Quantum Income Machine, mainly because there is not one thing in the entire website or video that is true. With that said, how can you believe that if you hand over your money you will become a millionaire?…


Dream Profits

Here we are again with another binary scam called Dream Profits. These guys try to pull it off by calling it a survey half the video and the other half revealing that the survey is after 60 days and you need to use…


The NEO2 Software Review: Very Promising and Quite Possibly the ONE!

Finally, I have actually been waiting for the NEO2 for quite some time. I knew it was in the works but not everyone got an opportunity to jump in yet. Now that it is available for the public I can openly say that…


Lie Detector Millionaire

Everything from actors, stolen images, rental cars and mansions, and a few extra gimmicks have been put into the Lie Detector Millionaire. This scam is so absurd that it is hard to believe anyone would fall for it, but many do. If you…


Free Money Guaranteed System Scam Reveal: Another Copy Scam with Empty Promises

They simply do not get tired putting out scams like the Free Money Guarantee System. This one took an interesting turn almost nearing soft porn with its cheap hooker like actress accompanying the so-called millionaire on their drive in their Rolls Royce, their…


Binary Interceptor

The story is getting old and with Binary Interceptor it’s no different. Recent email blasts revealed the latest scam out there. If you have received an email about this software, delete it, and move on. It is nothing more than just another scam…


Super Simple Bot scam

The Super Simple Bot scam is among one of the well-made scams visually, only it wasn’t done with brains. Unfortunately for the developers, they have overlooked some very important points when it comes to covering their tracks, which has led to the reveal…


iFollow Club Scam Revealed: Very Well Done Scam!

I can understand how it is so easy to fall for the iFollow Club scam. They have done an amazing job of making this scam look as realistic as possible. From their well put together website to the quality of the videos. Overall,…


BO not BS

Actually, upon visiting the website and watching the video I can understand how so many people were scammed by the BO not BS website. They have definitely done their research and have tried to steer clear of the typical scam videos and try…



Creativity and effort was put into the iMarketsAcademy scam. The website definitely gives you a feeling of comfort and transparency. It is only when you really start digging that you realize that there is absolutely nothing really worth even reading in there. Yes,…