The latest scam these days is the $10K Every Day Scam which claims you will make $10K every day for the rest of your life. Of course, the moment you see something like this I think it’s obvious enough and it should ring a bell that they are out to get your money and that this is just another binary options scam. Still, plenty of people are falling for it and losing money on it every day.

Product Name: $10K Every Day Scam

Niche: Binary Options Software


This is just one of the many scams out there that use the same crap Portland production company, same crap actors, and same crap lies. At this point, the moment I see the way the video begins, I know the script by heart and their lies are obvious. Still, take a look at some of the lies I’ve caught.

What is the $10K Every Day Scam?

This automated binary options scam makes the absurd promise you will make $10K every day. Not only is this a completely absurd number with the mere investment of $250, but there is absolutely no real proof provided in order to even back this claim.


Just like all the rest of the scams out there, their goal is to get you to sign up with one of the brokers they work with in order to get a referral fee. Nothing else. Once you do sign up and start using the software you will realize that you’ve been scammed, only, it will be too late. Unfortunately, at that point the broker will not allow a withdrawal based on their terms and you will have zero contact with these scam artists that have lured you into investing your money.

Watch the first $10K Every Day App scam video with controls.

As with all similar scams, the video auto-plays and the only control you have is the option to pause it. This way you don’t know how long you have to watch it and are stuck with it until the end or until you give in and provide your information.


So, he grabs a guy from the street , an obvious actor, so are the rest of the people that pass by. It’s such an obvious set-up, but there is more than enough proof to show that there is nothing real in this video.


Now, the app hasn’t been around for longer than 10 days, let alone 2 years. In fact, at this point I am surprised that there are already people signing up and losing money with it. Still, this first claim is completely bogus based on real facts.

Here is proof that this domain was registered on the December 27, 2016. Not only that, its registered under a Proxy name which means that their goal is to stay anonymous so when you start losing money there is no one to contact, complain to, or complain about.


The brief “demo”, if you can call it that, consists of 3 screenshots.


Once the investment of $250 is made, the first screenshot shows almost immediate profits of $125. Which at first glance seems like an possibility. Only, they don’t show how many trades have been made, no history of such trades, no time, and zero basic information. Also, take a look at the recommended signals up top. You will be seeing them throughout the demo.

To add to this, I looked up Plus Option Broker and they are a scam broker that should not be trusted. Not only are they not licensed, but they already have numerous complaints about them that are growing every day.


Then you get an update 20 minutes later.


Here you have more profits. But that is not what is interesting or important. Forget the fact that such exact numbers are impossible considering the presents that are taken by the broker on trades. Still, what is important is the signals up top. They are 100% identical 20 minutes later. Considering the number of trades that supposedly took place, these signals should have changed at least a bit.


Once again, you get another update.


The following day he’s got upwards of $10K which is an impossible feat. Also, what’s impossible is the signals to still be identical as the other two screenshots provided. This is absurd. It’s the absolute identical screenshot with just the balance changed in Photoshop , nothing more. So, the demo is debunked, let’s see what else we can find.


So, who is Richard Banks? Surely, he is not the founder of the $10K Every Day App scam as no such thing exists except on this domain. There is no company, there is no information, and there is no such person that fits this description ANYWHERE. This is because he is an actor.


This is actually Greg James, actor from Portland, Oregon.


Here he is in the Instant Cash Club Scam. He is also known for taking part in a number of other scam videos that lure people to lose their money.


First off, this is not a loophole. This is a complete lie. This is not a close guarded secret, but another scam that uses the scam marketing schemes that all the rest.


He does the typical fake Skype call which is actually not a Skype call at all. Both are just reading a script to a camera put on their computer and then the two videos are plugged into this screen. The truth is that it’s all a lie. She is an actor, just like the guy that he picked up off the street the day before.


He is actually JoeHealy, another actor from Portland, Oregon.


This guy? Well, he’s already a pretty famous face in the world of binary options scam just like the $10K Every Day App Scam.


This is actually Gary Powell, of Portland, Oregon. This actor has been both a testimonial as well as a founder actor in numerous similar scam sites.


Here he gives a testimonial for the Jarvis Formula Scam.


Here he gives a testimonial for another scam called the Obcasio Scam.


He was also the CFO for the Nesdek Scam. All in all, just as much of a scam artist as the people behind this scam so if you do or have lost money with the scams he has made videos for Nasdaq Inside Trader

Watch the full $10K Every Day App scam video.


Again, there is absolutely no chance that this is true, especially considering that so far he has provided zero proof of such profits. Everything he has said so far are complete lies.

In the website itself there are a number of claimed comments by users, yet there isn’t one real testimonial anywhere in the website. I tried to write a comment to see if it will show up and they are added manually rather than actually written by real users as once I tried to add my comment I was automatically taken to a 404 Page. So, the comments are 100% fake as well.

The video and website provide zero proof that this could possibly be a profitable software. It’s impossible to actually claim that there are any profits when they cannot give even a single piece of proof. The $10K Every Day App is a scam in my book, you decide for yourself and if you do decide to try it out please share your experience in the comments below.

Anna Georgieva

Hello, I’m Anna Georgieva. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money. I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with. Enjoy my website and please contact me if there is a Binary Options Software you would like me to review.

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